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  1. Hey man, I bought my beyma and parts here: https://en.toutlehautparleur.com/ "Welcome to the biggest stock in the EU of speakers and linked DIY parts." It's a French site and I think they deliver also to Norway. You can get a quote for the shipping cost! Cheers
  2. Little update: I recently had a jazz gig in trio with Pno and vocals and one in quartet with drums, guitar and saxophone. I find the cab does a great job. I can get through in the band also with drums with no problems. I think it covers all the important bits in terms of sound without too much of a particular range. In my experience, too much low end often results in an undefined "wobble" and too much high end becomes nasal and doesn't sound natural anymore. I think the cab works really well for double bass. I would like to try it with an acoustic image amp at some point as the aguilar is already colouring the sound.
  3. @Phil Starr thank you so much for making the design available, it's awesome that you share it with the bass community for free!!! I will post an update on the sound when I get to test it out live. The beyma is indeed a nice speaker I wasn't missing definition so I think it covers the double bass quite well without the need for a Tweeter!
  4. Thanks @stewblack! I just found a clip on trolly from Adam hall that I'll try to add for even more portability!😍
  5. Hi everybody! I built Phil's cab last week the one with a single beyma driver that he built at the bass bash. I had so much fun with building this and really like what came out! The gig I wanted to test it on got cancelled last minute but I wanna already post my experience her so far. I mainly play double bass and do a lot of jazz gigs. The challenge is to find a setup thats portable but powerful enough and nice sounding. I got interested in this cab because its quite powerful and phil made this smaller version of the original design to have less boominess in difficult rooms. This is an issue I experience quite a lot with double bass. So I got the parts and built it which was fun, building it yourself you also get to chose the color an little extras which makes it truly yours. From testing it at home and in a rehearsal without drums i can say that I'm really happy so far. I'm using it with a aguilar tone hammer 500. My first impression at home was that I had to dial down the mids quite a bit. But when I used my headway edb-2 preamp with it it sounded way more natural, so I thought the sound profile of the aguilar could be an issue with this cab. In the rehearsal with saxophone and jazz guitar though I found the sound great without adding the preamp, it was clear and natural. The room was a lot bigger than my small practice room where I first tried it but probably having also the other instruments changes a lot what you hear in the end. I'm looking forward to test it on the next gigs then I'll be able to tell more!
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