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  1. Revisiting playing with a pick on my P bass. Not called a Precision for nothing!  'The boys are back in town'. I'm using the really thick injection molded ones, 50p each from London Guitar Studio - but you can't slot them between the s'plate and body at the top which is where a pick belongs.

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    2. Soledad


      excellent @Kevsy71 - I love the crisp accurate attack you get, but alternate of course between fingers and pick, depending. The thick picks I'm using don't fit where John Deacon (and many others) keep them handy (works really well with a P or J). Here he has 2... money to burn :)

      JD pick.jpg

    3. Lozz196


      I always keep my picks in my right donkey-cheek back pocket - easy to sort a new one if you drop one for whatever reason.

      You can probably guess what word is meant to be where donkey is...…….

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      I play mainly finger style these days. Back in my punky youth, I played with a plectrum / pick most of the time.
      Did a gig on Saturday night, and my fairly recently acquired JVP sounded immense! The pick really suited some songs
      Those songs could have been played with fingers - but sounded all the better for using the pick
      It was a Fender Precision, being played with a pick, by JJ Burnel that made me love the bass :)

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