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  1. Correct. We don't ask how or why. We just know and respect. The end.
  2. I'd say this takes first place... for now. Wondering how you store 72 basses, and what it looks like? Bass Direct I suppose
  3. Can't comment on value, but I wouldn't be wanting 15s for what you plan. Maybe a 15 and 210 but prob no 15s at all. Mind you I like 10s, the more the better !!
  4. Welcome! Let me guess, Thw White House was pre-Donald ??? me too, don't have those down my way. Thinking about it, I've probably played some without knowing that's what they were called
  5. That's me too - lost a fiver on a Sire, made 20 on a Dean fretless, broke even on the Yamaha... It may be harder on amps/cabs as they are gigged and may deteriorate a bit with use / trucking. But when I buy a bass I want it to be a keeper, if not I reckon lose maybe 10% max and consider that a lease charge for having the bass for some months - and that 'loss' is a worst case really. You'll gather I don't buy new stuff Sorry to hear this. My post was quite light-hearted as I haven't lost so far on the 4 sold and would not feel too bad if I needed to sell 4 more - i'd just keep one Jazz I think. OK the Mayo fretless as well, and here we go I do think that if you are buying decent 2nd hand basses at a fair market price, you will be able to sell on without losing much if anything. I do avoid custom basses, I think they are far harder to price and value.
  6. That's the weird thing Barking. I started with one (a Yamaha, now sold). I was doing a musical shift so sold 2 flamencos (well, one isn't sold yet, it's on commission in London). I needed Fenders, that's how it got rolling. Given they were fairly mainstream affordables, I use FB and Gumtree. I have found FB to be very effective on basses (sub a grand anyway, well sub in most cases). First thing is mentally letting go, waving goodbye in your mind. Then, decent pics, good description and sensible price. I've bought 3 basses here, but not sold any so far. I'm sure there are BCers here can top my 9 minus 4. Step forward
  7. If I knew what that was, I'd surely need some.
  8. Thanks Greg, again. I'm no slapper but there are parts of the technique I want in my tool-box. I've watched a number of videos on the topic but none until now explained the contact point of your thumb. It's details like this that make the difference. Also many other vids get you popping well before the thumb technique is properly nailed. Good material here, recommended 👍
  9. So does this work like disallowed goals? I need to check the rules
  10. I'm a bit concerned I've bought nine basses since January this year. OK I've sold 4 of them so a net 5. But it's beginning to feel like a kind of illness. Step forward all who can top this. It'll make me feel better, or less weak at least. (in part two, I may own up to the amp/cab/combo issues)
  11. Excellent opener, I reckon I need reminding sometimes... knobs n switches hold a fatal fascination But fact is a Trace head through a decent cab still does the job and then some.
  12. Soledad

    Show us your rig!

    Is 'Bow down' appropriate here? A page back or so there's a GB900 on a BF110... now that's a 'bow down' rig. Just sayin'
  13. Absolutely right. I think not many people know them, and the BE4 is regarded by many as a Warwick copy and copy means cheap. Let those who know enjoy.
  14. This one. Surely a strong contender. Beyond the OPs range at 1200W but it's well inside at 8 Ohms so it qualifies.
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