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  1. Just had another joker. Selling a BH250 on FB at 120 and happened to take pics with it standing on the RS212 so cab top is just visible. So this guy has just askedif i'll take £100 for the amp and cab . And the ad says that's the price no offers. Chancers and flakes, gypsies n thieves - I've had em all.
  2. @Paddy515 - without knowing how many basses you run, I plan to keep rounds on my Jazz, the flats on the P - but having rounds on one seems handy to me. I might change my ideas on that after some time with these EB Cobalts but I do particularly liike rounds ( + pick) for some things. Reminds me to go through my stash of unloved / preloved strings and offer them up - blown a packet on strings over the past few months !! btw, I really wish more makers would publish tension figures - D'Addario are the only ones to my knowledge and it is basic useful info.
  3. Arrived 1 day from Strings Direct. A reminder these are the 45-100s. Checked on here (old threads) and decided to string through body. These cobalts feel very compliant, flex happily, and generally it seems many here string flats through with no probs. Bit OCD but tidy how the silk wraps all start just past the nut and almost in line... tidy that (see pic). First very quick impressions - the tension is about what I was looking for, more than equivalent rounds but not loads more and I wanted the tighter feel and sound on these (compared to my usual D'addario 45-100 rounds). Boy are these bright - very crunchy/cracky on top - turned the cab HF down, cut treble on head a tads. Very slight lift on lowish mids, bass flat (all on a Tone Hammer 350 through TC 212). Tight firm bass, plenty of top to play with but it's easy to control and will mellow off with use for sure anyway. They felt a tiny bit sticky, I mean not super-slippy not actually gluey. I think that's a newness, these need playing in. Dead pleased with these, they suit the P really well and will probably last way longer than I keep rounds on (typically 2 - 3 months, depends). In summary I'd say if you want to venture into flats but not go all out dead n thumpy, want to retain some (quite a lot) of the crunchy top of rounds - this is a very good place to start indeed. Bottom and low mids way more solid, top very forward but never as ringy as rounds of course. Thanks all above for guidance - at £45 a set it's nice to get it right first shot👍
  4. This is like voting for a EuroMP. None of them. Where's the box for that then ?
  5. Re the time wasters, I'm afraid it's just a part of selling. Reminds me it's a LOT easier to add to the basses and gear than it is to deplete. I do find FB the best of them at the moment though - I've had fast easy results several times recently - just so long as you are pricing sensibly. Also I am certain that decent pics and a detailed description help. I've been on the lookout for a second cab recently and hardly anyone bothers to put dimensions or approx weight. Usually you can go look it up but it's basic stuff. Generally I reckon a bit of effort on the part of seller makes for a better price quicker.
  6. Amazing attention to detail, particularly under the skin. Check this out, Limelight 👍
  7. Bloody excellent👍 One of my fave Who tracks anyway. Yep, it misses the sweeping basslines of the great JE, but good on 'em. Reminds me in their day The Who really were a very excellent band.
  8. @ped - just ordered a set of EBs - gone for the 45-100 for starters as I do like a certain tightness in them, mainly the E, and seeing as they call them super-slinky I'm hoping tension is lightish to moderate. Not like the Fender set I have cos they are brutes! Will report back. Thanks for advice, help 👍
  9. Have I ever met a singist? Can't recall Seriously there's only one right in this thing, and if/when he's wrong call him out. Always was popular, me.
  10. I didn't say that. And 'rubbish' is a bit strong anyway. In the global market for hardwoods, supplies have tightened considerably and prices pcm have generally about doubled (in real terms) since 2000. This is true of alder, ash, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, walnut, mahogany... etc. To be clear, makers are either paying considerably more for woods of an equivalent quality, using lower grades, or using cheaper alternatives.
  11. Worth giving more thought I reckon. What I gather of Squiers is play before you buy as they vary from quite good to silly-good. But this thing about wood, over the past 20 years the supplies of good woods has depleted seriously, so the quality of alder or ash or whatever that was affordable to the Squier build budget 20 years ago will be nowhere near as good now. All these woods have probably doubled in price (approx) in real terms over that time. And now we have issues with rosewoods - fingerboards becoming pau ferro or wenge or some other substitute. The 'farmed' hardwoods are managed to grow fast, the closeness of grain and consistency is just not as good. I think this makes a good case for looking at the older Squiers, and pretty much any other manufactured bass be it Fender, Musicman, Warwick, whatever your taste. I guess the premium makers still source really good woods and just price it in (Lakland, Sadowsky etc). How on earth Sire make those V and M basses to retail at that price beats me. But I've owned a V7 and I would far rather pay the same for a great 90s Squier if I was out shopping right now. Or maybe go the few quid more for an MIJ - upping the budget is just so easy !!
  12. I think that does this whole thread. Just play it, a LOT and often. Keep it on a stand nearby so you pick it up frequently. You'll soon find you are listening to pitch (not a thing you bother doing on fretted, generally) and feeding that back to the left hand. It's just time and effort (and decent ears I suppose).
  13. Excellent, thanks all. Know those well - use them on the fretless and absolutely ace on there, but I'm needing metal on the P, if you know what I mean... a harder bottom end. But the 760s are by far the best I've ever tried for my fretless. That's it Ped, I reckon. Is the first 24" just muting, it kicks in around 24. And what effects/processing in there? Super Slinky 45-100?? And what is the tension like? I assume I don't run them thru-body? No more questions I'll do some research, but the cobalts are probably my best first shot. Actually one more question, they do Extra Slinky 40-95. Given flats seem higher tension than rounds maybe these?
  14. I know there are plenty of string threads but I'm confused by the whole thing now. SO> Precision, flats but crunch on top (in the high mid/lo T area). I think I might need EB Cobalts or D'Addario chromes - but with an open brief for a bright flat of lowish tension - I found the Fender flats too high tension and I think I got the 45-100s - ooh!. Didn't like the Fenders as they were just thump, not much mid - pure Jamerson I guess. I liked the sound Sibob was getting off his LaBellas (on that P/Lakland demo he did). Tried half-rounds a bit ago, didn't get the point of those at all. But think lightish n brightish - help appreciated.
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