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  1. Just bought a MIM 50's reissue P Bass from Tyler. Great price and a good, solid bass. Smooth transaction and Tyler even drove half way to meet me. Top Guy. Thanks again.
  2. Ashton 5 string acoustic bass. Never gigged, played really only a handful of times. Has a built in preamp with tuner, and a balanced out. I can't find any details on these, so no idea what it's made of. Comes with original gig bag. Collection TW15, Offers but no trades.
  3. I haven't weight it myself yet, but I've found a post elsewhere that lists it at 8lb 13oz (4kg) which sounds about right.
  4. Just really testing the waters here, I'm not desperate to sell but I could do with releasing some of the value from this as it just doesn't get the play it deserves. I'm not interested in Trades but would discuss sensible offers.. I've had this bass since July 2014, but I'm pretty sure it's a 2013 model. The Standard model didn't sell from very long, and neither did the Signature that replaced it (and messed with my OCD). You just don't see the basses around. Searching on this forum, there's been no mention of them at all for a couple of years. It's in an "As New" state and has been played only a handful of times since I bought it from new in 2014. The only changes to it are fitting a set of Dunlop Strap Locks. It comes with the original Gibson fitted hard case, and I will probably even throw in the Gibson branded strap I bought to go along with it. It's a flat top (not arched) and the body is Mahogany, and routed rather than separate laminated pieces. The top is maple and the neck is glued in, which is pretty typical for Gibson I believe. 2 completely unique sounding Pickups, one full fat humbucker at the neck, and then a mini humbucker at the bridge for that 'classic' sound. This bass has a really wide range of tone. I'll take and upload some more pictures later in the week. Pickup, and any trials from Ashford, Surrey (TW15) or happy to meet someone half way if required.
  5. jonpain


    Something like a Marcus Miller P7 Fretless, maybe even the fiver.
  6. jonpain


    The Gibson is going up for sale in a couple of weeks. She's not pushing me to do it but it's time for a change and something cheaper again for a while.
  7. Mine was a black Jim Deacon (I think Jazz Bass copy, but it was a very long time ago). I had it for a year as I tried out the move to bass from guitar, and then traded up to a Warwick RockBass Streamer 5 string.
  8. jonpain


    Evening all, Just introducing myself, I'm an occasional bassist in a worship band. I've been playing badly for about 15 years and since having kids 3 years ago I haven't really had time to play at all. The one positive is that I invested in a Gibson Midtown Standard 3 days before we found out he was coming! I started out with a Jim Deacon P Bass copy, then moved to a Warwick Roackbass Streamer 5 string after a year. I had that one for a good long while before upgrading to the Gibson. I also have an Ashton 5 string electro-acoustic that I use for home practise. My amp is a Peavey TKO115 (on permanent loan to the church as I dislike their Laney!)
  9. If this is still available when I've managed to sell mine, I'll be all over it.
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