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  1. @StuartD just bought a Markbass cab from me, lovely chap - a pleasure to deal with. Deal with confidence 👍
  2. Just picked up a lovely mesa boogie combo from Chris. A pleasure to deal with, friendly chap, highly recommended!
  3. jarc11


    Just purchased a PJB HA-2 from Paul. As it's been said, great guy to deal with, quick comms and super quick to post it over to me. Thanks again!
  4. Some wear but all works perfectly , selling as I've just picked up a PJB HA-2 which covers any of my interfacing needs. I've used it with my Windows machine and a Macbook with no issues. Price includes: Postage in the UK Either: USB-B to USB-A cable (for Windows/Macs) USB-B to USB-C cable (for newer Macs which only have USB-C ports) Collection also welcome (for £55)
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Combo has sold - listing is now just for the NY121 @ £275 collected
  7. Edit - I overpriced it slightly at £425, new price is £400 collected. Bought new from Andertons in 2015, but unfortunately it's just not getting any use now as I picked up a lovely Overwater Jazz on here a few months ago. Some wear and tear from being lugged around to rehearsals and gigs, I've tried to photograph it the best I can (there is a small crack in the paint and one fairly decent dent). I'd prefer collection as I don't have a suitable box at the moment and there is no hard case with it, happy to travel up to an hour or so for a car park deal or I'm sure we can sort something courier wise if really needed (at buyers risk and expense)
  8. Hey @StuartD, replied to your PM. With the price drop I'm still happy to split - £375 for the combo £275 for the extension cab.
  9. Just had a lovely precision from Karl, easy to communicate with, bass was exactly as described and he was kind enough to meet me at a services halfway which was over 100 miles for him. Thanks Karl!
  10. Annnnndddd price drop to £650 for the pair, should also mention I'm willing meet someone halfway if the distance is too far!
  11. Sold a Stingray to Peter and I think the thread speaks for its self! Friendly chap, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.
  12. Now sold! Recently acquired this in a trade for a Sandberg jazz bass I had... Unfortunately, after several hours of playing this, hoping I'd eventually get used to it, I've decided the nut width is a bit much for me. I've pinched the photos from the original ad as the bass is over at the rehearsal studio. I can go and take any extra photos if required, but the condition is identical from when I've had it. Here's the original ad which has some extra details, but the some of the highlights are below: - 2 band EQ - Weight is 4.2kg - 4 pickguards included (photos below) Happy to receive trade offers with potentially cash adjustments either way. Looking for a US Precision or similar as a trade. I can ship at the buyers expense/risk but I'd prefer collection or I'm also willing to travel a reasonable distance for a car park deal 😊 Any questions, give me a shout!
  13. Can also split, £400 for the combo and £300 for the NY121
  14. Both sold now, thanks! COMBO NOW SOLD - NY121 still available at £275 collected (£295 delivered) Purchased from a fellow basschatter just over a year ago. Lovely amp and extension cab, only used for rehearsals in the last year and they well looked after before my ownership. Both are the older made in Italy models. The CMD 121P is 2013, and assume the extension cab is the same as both were bought new at the beginning of 2014 by the previous owner. They come complete with padded Hotcovers, and also a Markbass stand & a spare handle for the CMD 121P. Cash/bank transfer on collection, not looking for any trades as I've got my eye on something else on the forum.
  15. Mick kindly offered to meet me halfway to buy a lovely Overwater Jazz from him. Nice, pleasant guy who really knows his stuff and the basschat community well. Goes without saying but deal with confidence!
  16. Bought a Dingwall ABZ 5 from James, easy to deal with - The bass was well packaged and all as described - we had a bit of an issue with the courier which he was very helpful in solving 👍 All the best mate!
  17. Top guy - traded my Sandberg California for a lovely MM Stingray, arrived well packaged and exactly as described, great communication throughout. Deal with confidence 👍
  18. I'm currently in talks for buying a Dingwall so ideally - cash, but if something really tickles my pickle I may go for it - try me!
  19. EDIT: Now traded - thanks for all the interest 👍 Hi all, Picked this up in a trade with @timmchale2009 last year but I've got a serious hankering for a Dingwall and one of the jazz basses have to go to make room/free up some cash! Had a full set-up from the chaps over at Miller's in Cambridge and a fresh set of strings at Christmas. I'll also throw in the Gator hard case which is basically new if I get asking price - happy to knock £50 off the price if the case isn't needed (and it's collected). Collection preferred but I'm happy to ship at the buyers expense and risk. Some specs (shamelessly copied from the previous ad): Made in Germany in 2011. Spectacular looking and lovely to play. Great tone. All the usual sounds you’d expect from a “Jazz” bass but with extra depth and clarity if you want it. 2 – piece Ash body 6 bolt maple neck with rosewood fretboard 22 frets Zero fret 34” scale  2 Delano Jazz type pickups Sandberg bridge Sandberg tuners 2- band active/ passive pre amp : Controls are: Volume push-pull / Balance / Bass / Treble Weight 9.2lbs Original ad which also show some photos with the tort pickguard on: Let me know if there're any questions! Cheers! James
  20. *** NOW SOLD *** Love this compressor, it's been on my board for about a year but I'm just about to take delivery of a SpectraDrive so no need for this anymore. There's a bit of velcro on the bottom and the price includes postage. Let me know if you need any further info!
  21. Nope, sorry, didn't come with one - but it'll work without power (obviously without the LED indicators) or takes a 9v battery.
  22. Now sold... EHX Switchblade+, barely used, in the original box, just not getting used. More info: https://www.ehx.com/products/switchblade-plus £30 delivered.
  23. Edit - SOLD Edit - dropping the price down to £110 inc. postage EHX Soul Pog, only used a handful of time and been sitting unused on my board for several months now (a little velcro on the back) In the original box and comes with .the AC adapter that was in the box too. Some more info here: https://www.ehx.com/products/soul-pog £125 Delivered or I would consider a trade for a nice preamp/di pedal (with money either way if needed). Any question, give me a shout!
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