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  1. What a gorgeous instrument! I've always loved Pedullas...as for Paul, I can vouch for him: an experienced seller and a very nice guy to deal with. good luck! N
  2. I did a partial trade with him. The Stingray I got was as advertised, carefully packed and Paul did all he could to be helpful. Nice Guy, nice bass. Trade/buy/sell with confidence. Olaf
  3. Hello, It seems something is wrong with the uploaded pictures (the other basses you are selling look gorgeous... I am curious to see this one as well!)
  4. cool bass... Yes. I can vouch for Mikkel. The bass he sold me was packed so thoroughly it could be considered bulletproof!
  5. Bought a caprice bass from him Flawless instrument, very thorough packing, friendly chap and fast replies to any inquiry. I'd love to do business with him again. Go Mikkel! Olaf
  6. I tried the same model and same finish in a shop in Italy. Very nice passive tones, stunning looks Both pickups are actually humbuckers, so no Hum on the bridge pickup soloed (favorite setting: 80pct neck 20pct bridge) On a side note, I tried the Rosewood fingerboard model as well, but IMHO maple is the best option for this particular bass. If only Mart Could change his mind and ship to Italy.. 😉 Anyway, great bass and great price; moreover Mart has been very helpful when I asked about his opinion on some aspects of this instrument, so there. I quote Quatchmacher: a true Gentleman. Good Luck! Nico
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