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  1. Right you are.. I spotted some red Citron basses on reverb a while ago and they looked stunning. I guess the sound is on par. Nice purchase on your part! The Singlecut is well built, with great balance in your lap or with a strap.
  2. Selling my Retro Singlecut Veillette. This one is a peculiar beast…usually Veillete made Retro singlecuts strictly passive, with a string-through bridge. This one has got a single rail bridge, but no stringing through option and a very powerful Audere onboard (although the flat eq sound is still very usable imho… love those Citron HB!) Zero fret, maple neck and wenge fingerboard, poplar top but I don’t know the body wood (I lost the mail that Martin Keith, who used to work for Veillette at the time, sent me with all the specs. Nice and helpful guy, by the way) I am not the original owner, but the bass was in very good shape when I bought it. Only some negligible cosmetic issues, some scratches and all that… but I had it refinished and set up by a very competent luthier. It looks and feels fresh out of the factory. The bass is well cared for and it has served me well. As far as my wife thinks, I am selling it because I have too many basses… 😇 (little does she know about that jazz bass I have already set my eyes on…) The new Retro , as listed in the “in stock” section of Joe Veillette website is on offer for USD 2100 and it is a very different instrument today, with a single neck pickup. Comparison is not easy. I am looking for 1200 euros. The bass is located in Italy (as the bass owner) Shipping is not included in the bass price, but can easily be arranged at buyer’s cost - I have a good track record of sturdy packages sent around Europe Comes with a Veillette soft bag and I will pop in a set of fresh strings for the lucky new owner. Should you need more pictures and sound files, feel free to PM Thank you and have a nice day Nicola
  3. What a gorgeous instrument! I've always loved Pedullas...as for Paul, I can vouch for him: an experienced seller and a very nice guy to deal with. good luck! N
  4. I did a partial trade with him. The Stingray I got was as advertised, carefully packed and Paul did all he could to be helpful. Nice Guy, nice bass. Trade/buy/sell with confidence. Olaf
  5. Hello, It seems something is wrong with the uploaded pictures (the other basses you are selling look gorgeous... I am curious to see this one as well!)
  6. cool bass... Yes. I can vouch for Mikkel. The bass he sold me was packed so thoroughly it could be considered bulletproof!
  7. Bought a caprice bass from him Flawless instrument, very thorough packing, friendly chap and fast replies to any inquiry. I'd love to do business with him again. Go Mikkel! Olaf
  8. I tried the same model and same finish in a shop in Italy. Very nice passive tones, stunning looks Both pickups are actually humbuckers, so no Hum on the bridge pickup soloed (favorite setting: 80pct neck 20pct bridge) On a side note, I tried the Rosewood fingerboard model as well, but IMHO maple is the best option for this particular bass. If only Mart Could change his mind and ship to Italy.. 😉 Anyway, great bass and great price; moreover Mart has been very helpful when I asked about his opinion on some aspects of this instrument, so there. I quote Quatchmacher: a true Gentleman. Good Luck! Nico
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