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  1. Hi fellow Bassists, Here’s another episode from Darren on using scales to create cool licks. This video demonstrates the simplicity of the diminished scale, and after, it’s application. I hope you find this insightful and useful. Please try to subscribe to the channel for many more new videos. https://youtu.be/PfAwqv_kWNI
  2. Hi fellow bassists. Here’s a video interview about finding your sound and practice that will be useful whether you’re starting out or already experienced. The interview was conducted by a brand new up and coming YouTube channel that promises to bring some exciting and informative musical and recording content. https://youtu.be/CIOW9jK_oMs
  3. Hey guys Here I have a simple hack that gets you playing 2 scales in one and gives you a really clear pattern structure to get you all over the fingerboard in any key. There are pretty much endless ways to do these things and I have many more methods that break this down into easy chunks. However, check this one out! As you want him please remember to subscribe over at my YouTube channel. Comment, like, share, heckle ! 💥👌👇
  4. Palm muting : https://youtu.be/diL78iBqxSs
  5. Hi bass players. heres a quick video on various right hand techniques such as fingers, picks, palm mute and slap. I’ve tried to get closeups so you can really see how to do these and how I do them. Thanks again. Darren. https://youtu.be/diL78iBqxSs
  6. Thanks for watching and the message. all the best darren
  7. This may be of some use ? I have some palm mute videos and I will post them soon.
  8. Dear bassists, Check out this video to hear and learn how to get that Stanley Clarke style slap. In this episode Darren develops a simple technique into something that sounds really trick, percussive and musical. Please please please !!! Subscribe to the channel, like and comment. There are so many more in the pipeline ! All my thanks as always darren.
  9. Check out this episode if you are interested in alternative approaches to right hand picking and plucking 😀🤟
  10. Check out this episode if you are interested in alternative approaches to right hand picking and plucking 😀🤟
  11. Here’s a quick easy look at a B Minor Pentatonic Scale, for less experienced to intermediate players. I look at several simple ways of extending and moving the scale around the neck into various fingering positions. Also this video demonstrates the intervals of I-V-VII-VIII to create fun and musical ways of using the scale to play bass lines. Please feel free to ask questions and or comment. Darren. https://youtu.be/bI5z545YJ5Y
  12. P.S if you are interested in having a few, or regular sessions with me I have several 1-1 private lesson spots available. I am “based” around Manchester/Cheshire. All my contact details below 👇 https://www.darrengloverbassandguitarlessons.com/ Thank you Darren.
  13. Hi Bassist's Hope I'm placing this in the correct area!? Please check out my bass lessons bellow. I am trying to build up a pile of free youtube lessons and would love your help and support. All of my Thanks. Darren
  14. hi guys.

    heres a demo of how I’d get around this tube on the most simple way I can.

    please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more !

    many thanks


  15. Hello everyone, My name is Darren. I am a professional bass player and composer based in and around Manchester. I specialise in rock, funk, pop, Latin and jazz. For more info on private and on line lessons please visit: www.darrengloverbassandguitarlessons.com Many thanks Darren.
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