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  1. Please visit my Youtube channel for more and checkout https://www.darrengloverbassandguitarlessons.com for sheet music and lesson enquires. Thank you.
  2. Hi Everyone, Here's a little demo I thought I would share on 'musical' finger patterns. Using more unusual scales such as the diminished scale. Please like and subscribe to the channel. Many thanks. Darren.
  3. Here is a demonstration/exercise i did of how i like to extend chords through use of pentatonic scales. I am available for on line lessons and have a load of free videos on my website and you tube channel. Darren.
  4. Hi Fellow bass player. I hope everyone is healthy and keeping a positive vibe where possible?! I've had a little more time this past week to make several new You Tube videos on a variety of bass topics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpHCny0h1W8 I am also delivering all of my one-to-one lessons over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc. If you would like to book a lessons please don't hesitate to contact me through my website. Additionally you can take advatage of the many FREE progressive bass and guitar lessons, including quality printed resources. Just head over to: https://www.darrengloverbassandguitarlessons.com See you there and take care. Darren
  5. Good eve fellow bassists, It’s been a while since the last post due to other musical commitments. I thought I would share this with you as it’s been a big leg up with many of my student. Please subscribe as you watch the video, it really does help Take care and be safe !
  6. That’s great. please do ! I will continue to keep the content up to date as best as I can. Thanks Darren.
  7. Thank you for the feedback Darren.
  8. Hey! Here’s my latest episode on thinking about reading as an exercise to build on our musical knowledge. https://youtu.be/yuMoctDptz0
  9. Hi, thanks. Yes that’s a great idea and a good follow up from this. I’ll put it on the list Darren.
  10. An excerpt of ‘in the style of...’ Check out the 16th note groove of Jaco in the chorus section from Come In Come Over.
  11. Hi everyone, Here’s an old lesson I did last year on Minor scales. Well, the first isn’t technically a parent scale as such! (Find out more...). These are all great scales and really cool for developing your melodic and harmonic vocabulary and definitely worth a look at if you want to extend your technical ability. Remember! Please subscribe to the channel as your support is so much appreciated. Enjoy. Darren https://youtu.be/1_d5EBHG6x8
  12. Hey bass players ! Here’s a short lesson on chord tones and 4 ways to play them. We call them inversions, and it gives us many more interesting sounds and ways around creating bass parts and neck theory from one simple starting point. Please like, share, comment.... And, if you have any lesson ideas you’d like me to post please let me know. Darren. https://youtu.be/QBXqyor2Szc
  13. Hello again. If you are interested in developing your technique using stuff you already may know then this is the video for you. Aimed at newer players, but also at more experienced bassists who want to learn alternative ways around the neck, this video provides an easy bite sized portion of essentialness! 🔥 enjoy 🤟 https://youtu.be/dE7B4vXuCpg
  14. 💥Hello again bassists! Here’s a lesson on introducing more complex scales such as the melodic ‘jazz’ minor scale. This is a great scale for learning to understand different ways around the bass and certainly for getting your head and fingers around more not-so-common chords. Please subscribe to the channel as you watch for more of these videos. All the best! Darren.🔥 https://youtu.be/HnE3YsMWXos
  15. Hi fellow Bassists, Here’s another episode from Darren on using scales to create cool licks. This video demonstrates the simplicity of the diminished scale, and after, it’s application. I hope you find this insightful and useful. Please try to subscribe to the channel for many more new videos. https://youtu.be/PfAwqv_kWNI
  16. Hi fellow bassists. Here’s a video interview about finding your sound and practice that will be useful whether you’re starting out or already experienced. The interview was conducted by a brand new up and coming YouTube channel that promises to bring some exciting and informative musical and recording content. https://youtu.be/CIOW9jK_oMs
  17. Hey guys Here I have a simple hack that gets you playing 2 scales in one and gives you a really clear pattern structure to get you all over the fingerboard in any key. There are pretty much endless ways to do these things and I have many more methods that break this down into easy chunks. However, check this one out! As you want him please remember to subscribe over at my YouTube channel. Comment, like, share, heckle ! 💥👌👇
  18. Palm muting : https://youtu.be/diL78iBqxSs
  19. Hi bass players. heres a quick video on various right hand techniques such as fingers, picks, palm mute and slap. I’ve tried to get closeups so you can really see how to do these and how I do them. Thanks again. Darren. https://youtu.be/diL78iBqxSs
  20. Thanks for watching and the message. all the best darren
  21. This may be of some use ? I have some palm mute videos and I will post them soon.
  22. Dear bassists, Check out this video to hear and learn how to get that Stanley Clarke style slap. In this episode Darren develops a simple technique into something that sounds really trick, percussive and musical. Please please please !!! Subscribe to the channel, like and comment. There are so many more in the pipeline ! All my thanks as always darren.
  23. Check out this episode if you are interested in alternative approaches to right hand picking and plucking 😀🤟
  24. Check out this episode if you are interested in alternative approaches to right hand picking and plucking 😀🤟
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