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  1. Never mind looking at the Fender Japan website, get that phone plugged in 🤣
  2. Not a single chance 😂 Thank you!
  3. Haha sounds like a good day! Thank you 😁
  4. If I can ever work out how to use my recording setup, I’ll get a little demo of my new BBP uploaded (not sure on the decent aspect though 🤣)
  5. @Reggaebass Thank you, I hadn’t but that now looks right up my street!
  6. Hi all, New member here, but just though I’d share my new (to me) BBP34. It sounds great and was exactly what I was after in a PJ setup and the neck feels amazing. Looks to have been well loved before, got some light buckle wear on the back and a fair bit of scratching on the pickguard. Many thanks, Will
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