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    • By greghagger
      New video from my ‘Bass Concepts Series’ featuring short bass video lessons. 
      Learn the ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ positions of the minor 7 arpeggio and why having these two options are useful when playing bass lines. 
      Two exercises and a free pdf download come with the lesson.
    • By iamtheelvy
      Exercise book - Scales from Rhythm and Outer Space... aka Tetra Cocktails by Felix Pastorius. Brand new and unused (unfortunate duplicated Christmas present!).
      £25 (or best offer) delivered, or trade for ‘Just ASIP of Coffee & The Chromatic Scale’.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      I am a little worried if I should be concerned for the Jatoba fretboard on my new Ibanez SR306EB 6 string bass showing unusually prominent wood grains and being unusually dark compared to all other Jatoba fretbaoards I have ever seen (and compared to the Jatoba fretboard on my 5 string Ibanez GSRM25 Mikro Bass as well)?
      From a visual point of view I don't actually mind the fairly prominent wood grains at all, and the fretboard still feels perfectly smooth and nice to play on (maybe even slightly smoother than my rosewood fretboards), and the darker color than usually seen in Jatoba wood actually is even a plus for me from a visual point of view, just worried if it might be an indication that the quality of the piece of wood used for the fretboard being somewhat poor, as in possibly weaker, more prone to warping/twisting e.t.c.
      Here's a couple of closeup shots of 2 sections of the fretboard to get you an idea of what I am taking about (though even though it might look like these almost black wood grains are small narrow cracks in the wood, they are not actually, just black superficial grain figures (as said the fretboard feels perfectly smooth, and there is not actually anything unusual to feel where the grain shows if one runs a finger over them specifically to check)) :

      SOLVED!!! : Look at my reply bellow this one.
    • By greghagger
      New video lesson where I show you how to play a bass line and arpeggios at the same time. 
      Learn to master the 9th arpeggio & get a workout at the same time!
    • By greghagger
      Do you want to improve your walking bass lines?
      Here are five techniques that will add style and swing to your lines. 
      We aren’t dealing with note choices in this lesson, but you will learn how to use techniques such as muted notes, triplets fills, and pedal notes to make your walking lines sound more exciting. 
      Also learn why we should be thinking ‘linear’ with our walking lines. 
      Click the link to view the lesson and pick up the free PDF. 
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