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  1. Precision with Jazz bridge pickup

    thanks for that, I guess it's a good way to go. I might get a cheap jazz, then if I prefer it I could sell both basses and buy a better jazz bass. food for thought anyway....
  2. It's very encouraging to hear that all the fender ones sound extremely similar to one another apart from the one with the white pickups. it takes the angst out of decisions and explodes myths.
  3. Precision with Jazz bridge pickup

    I have a S8 USA Precision bass, late seventies...blah blah. It has a great tone but I like Jazz bass sound too. Is it worth getting a bridge pickup fitted to increase the scope of tones available? I thought about getting a Fender Jazz but they are so expensive and it's a pain lugging two basses to gigs.
  4. Precision wiring

    I've just put a new volume pot on my 78 Precision. The old one was a 500k and the correct new one is 250k. Consequently, the tone has changed, not as bright. Also I notice from the Fender website that there are different ways to wire things, for example, the capacitor seems to be in a different place on the '62 compared to standard precision. Does anyone know what difference this makes? Also, what should be correct wiring for S8xxxxx USA precision? The picture shows how it was wired before which I think is wrong. Now it's as standard precision there's virtually no earth noise.
  5. Bass player available for work

    Professional bass player, 25 years experience, played with named artists, available for depping, original or covers and sessions.
  6. Fender Precision Volume Pot

    Thank you
  7. Fender Precision Volume Pot

    Hello all, 1978 Fender Precision made in USA bass. The volume pot has become very stiff so I've left it in full on position for the last six months. Ideally I should replace it but do not know what type or the best place to get one. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Back up basses - What do you look for?

    I hadn't thought about this before and now I'm feeling worried I've been lulled into complacency because I play a P bass which tends to be pretty robust. I've had a string break only once in the last twenty years and then I just took it off in the gap between songs and finished the gig on three strings which is fine, you just have to be more inventive. The main thing I worry about is the jack socket going wrong and I don't know how many songs it would take to solder. I tend to keep an eye on it and the slightest sign of it becoming crackly I replace it. However, this has reminded me that the volume pot on my bass has stuck on full and I should get around to replacing it before it fails completely. Anyway, my main point is regular maintenance can help mitigate the need for a second bass and if all goes totally wrong you could always do what they did on a lovely old jazz 78 I heard the other day and mouth the bass parts into a microphone :-)
  9. The best bass line ever?

    i've always massively admired Jack Casady's playing.
  10. Can't play with a pick

    years ago I used to cut my nails so short that I wouldn't let any pickyness come from my fingers when playing finger style. nowadays i feel confident enough to allow my nails to grow a bit more and I can play soft on the pads when I want but then angle my hand back and strike the strings a bit like a flamenco player when I want more of a pick sound. There's no right or wrong, as long as it sounds good.
  11. Is using a dep a good idea?

    I don't mind depping for original bands or cover bands. It's great for the band as they don't need to cancel gigs and I'm sure the audience don't really know or mind. A couple of times I've had to rely on keeping a close eye on the rhythm guitarist's hand and I have to say, a good drummer will always guide the band through changes with little fills or pick-ups for the chorus/ middle eight etc..and unless there are several chord changes per bar you should be fine. It's usually great fun.
  12. The best bass line ever?

  13. Bass player new to the forum

    Hi, I am a professional bass player and composer, I've been playing for about 25 years. My guitar is a 70s Fender Precision which I put through a Fender Bassman head and an Orange 4 x 12 speaker. Sometimes I use a Simms Watts head. Very occasionally I use effects including Coloursound Distortion and Electroharmonix Q-tron, the combination of these makes the fattest distortion imaginable (into Q first) but mostly rely on fingers to vary tone. I'm always looking for interesting projects/depping/sessions etc.. In terms of types of music, pretty much anything. Thanks Steve