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  1. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    OK, thanks! Might take the plunge...
  2. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    I was looking at La Bellas for my P - presumably they're not as low tension like the Thomastics? I had a set of Rotos on my Jazz, ddin't like 'em but hadn't been playing for long so that might be the reason
  3. clunkie66

    P Bass - Which Brand?

    +1 on that - I have just had a mint '57 reissue imported from Japan, for a little over 500 quid. Beautiful quality, easily as nice as a USA model. Love it...
  4. clunkie66

    Flats on a MIJ P for indie + punk?

    Thanks guys - will stick with the rounds!
  5. I've just recently joined a cover band playing mainly indie, punk and some classic rock. Have just had a MIJ precision imported from Japan and was debating string choice, I played with Rotosound flats on my jazz and loved them but am thinking they might be too 'warm' for the punk stuff. How about half rounds - best of both worlds, or go with the flats and amp up for the brightness? Currently strung with rounds, which I'm not a fan of. Opinions appreciated...
  6. clunkie66

    Amp settings with active bass

    I'm pretty sure that my amp doesn't have an active/passive toggle. It's an older model compared to yours
  7. clunkie66

    Amp settings with active bass

    Many thanks, that makes sense - I thought that was the case
  8. I have an active jazz bass playing through a TC Electronic RH450 head and an RS210 cab. What should the optimal bass pre amp EQ settings be: flat, same as the head? So in short, does the active bass tone control the amp, or vice versa. Apologies if this is a basic question, or if I haven't articulated it properly. Cheers!
  9. clunkie66

    Songs you absolutely hate

    +47 on power ballads. Oh, and Mr Brightside...aaargh!
  10. clunkie66

    My first gig

    Can't wait!! [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1506356930' post='3378194'] Here's to the next one... [/quote]
  11. clunkie66

    My first gig

    Well I made it, relatively unscathed. Remembered my bass, crib sheet and to have a piss beforehand so a good start. Was nervous in the first set, made a few mistakes but nothing terrible, managed to keep playing. Got some confidence in the second set and had a blast, even though I completely forgot the intro of the last number. Didn't sh*t myself which I found surprising!... The other guys are all really experienced and thought I did well, they said I looked like I was enjoying myself. Brilliant venue, small and intimate, 50 or so audience, so perfect really. Well chuffed.
  12. clunkie66

    My first gig

    Thanks for all your input and great advice - I've practiced so much I'm playing 12 bar blues in my sleep! Fortunately I'm playing with an experienced guitarist who I know very well. My tutor told me 'just to hang around on the root' if I get lost. I'll report back when it's done and dusted...
  13. clunkie66

    My first gig

    Hi all, Thought I'd share that I have my first gig coming up next Sunday - big deal for me at age 51 and been playing for a little over a year. I've been asked to stand in occasionally for a local 50s/60s rock n roll and country band, some easyish12 bar blues stuff I guess, but a few more tricky numbers as well. A set list of 30 odd numbers so a steep learning curve. Playing in a smallish venue, audience of 40. I think I'm ready as I'll ever be, excited and bricking it in equal measure! Any advice welcome...
  14. clunkie66

    Can't play with a pick

    Cheers all for input, I'll bin it for the time being - may keep trying tho.
  15. clunkie66

    Can't play with a pick

    [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1500908412' post='3340991'] Although I can play with a pick (I migrated from guitar), I now hardly ever do. Even the songs that I used to think needed a pick, either for the sound or the speed, I now play finger style. So enjoy playing your way, and if some day you are drawn to the plectrum, give it another go then. [/quote] One of the reasons why I thought I should be able to play with a pick is faster stuff, but I guess if Steve Harris gallops with fingers then there's hope for me yet...