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  1. clunkie66

    Amp + cab suggestions?

    Yes of course - I guess I just wanted a steer on what to look for initially.
  2. clunkie66

    Amp + cab suggestions?

    Thanks for the info. Have you tried different cabs with the RH750?
  3. clunkie66

    Amp + cab suggestions?

    I've had a TC Electronic RH450 running through a K210 cab for about 18 months and I'm thinking of changing the cab. I'm just not happy with the tone - maybe a bit too modern for my liking - it sounds clipped and too harsh when pushed hard. I play mainly classic rock and want that 'vintage' Precision sound, but I'm just not getting it with this setup. I just really don't like the tone when playing live. I have considered other heads but thought the clever thing to do would be to replace the cab and see where I go from there. Anyone else felt the same with the TC stuff? I don't mind spending decent money on the right gear, am looking to spend up to six or seven hundred quid max on a cab I suppose. Alot of the guys I see locally have MarkBass rigs - most of whom sound great, so have also considered a Little Mark Tube 500W head + 102HF 4 ohm cab. Suggestions welcomed! Cheers
  4. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    I'll let you know how they feel with a few weeks use
  5. clunkie66

    Who did you see live last?

    From the Jam at Dartford's Mick Jagger Centre, 40 years since the release of 'All Mod Cons'. Bruce Foxton is still the man. Genius
  6. clunkie66

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Time off from work so I can practice more than 10 mins a day... 🙄
  7. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    I've just put La Bella Low Tension flats on my Precision and first impressions are very nice feel and they sound ace. Be interesting to see how much they loosen up as they settle in...
  8. clunkie66

    Imposter Sydrome

    Played a gig last night with 20 of my family and friends in the audience. Went well, no pink torpedo-ups until the last number when the drummer completely forgot his lines. Drumming totally out of time. Me and the lead guitarist tried to keep things together, he got back into it and we finished OK. I thought it sounded like a disaster but speaking to my family and mates afterwards, not one person noticed...
  9. clunkie66

    Decent quality strap for MIJ P

    Thanks guys 👍🏻
  10. I'm after a new strap for my MIJ precision. It's quite a bit lighter than my Cort GB4 jazz so the chunky leather strap that I bought for the Cort is too big and uncomfortable on the P. I'm looking at a material strap, does anyone have any suggestions that are light-ish weight and comfy? Cheers
  11. clunkie66

    Modes...don't some sound weird?? Discordant?

    Brilliant. How simple does he make it all sound? Even my overstretched brain can handle that...
  12. clunkie66

    Flats on a MIJ P for indie + punk?

    Hold the punk (that band didn't work out) - but have just joined a band playing classic rock so flats or tapes it is!
  13. clunkie66

    What makes a good bassist?

    +1 on that: I work at home mainly and I try and pick up my bass every few hours, even if it's for a 5 min screen break. As a new(ish) player, that's helped me no end.
  14. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    OK, thanks! Might take the plunge...
  15. clunkie66

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    I was looking at La Bellas for my P - presumably they're not as low tension like the Thomastics? I had a set of Rotos on my Jazz, ddin't like 'em but hadn't been playing for long so that might be the reason