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  1. This one is a lot of fun to play 👍 As is this: https://youtu.be/CeMeDihwyrg
  2. Only picture I could find of mine has me in the way of it 🙃 no lines, lovely sound 😁
  3. I had the same thing not too long ago - started on fretted basses, played two fretted yamaha's for years then got a fretless on a whim. It soon took over as my main bass. One day I was playing them all and suddenly I no longer liked the sound I was getting from the fretted basses and lines seemed harder to play on them compared to the fretless. Wound up selling the fretted basses and now saving up for a back-up fretless 😁
  4. Payday a little too far away for me to grab this atm... Do you know if the eq and the distortion can be used separately? IE toggle eq on/off for shift in tone or if changing bass while separately using distortion?
  5. Cheers for the reply 👍 Shielding was my first suspicion but was checked and found to be fine. Will widen my search to include pickups and fuss less over tone/blend pots 😊
  6. Got a bass that I love - plays like a dream, beautiful set up and feel etc - but toying with the idea of changing the onboard preamp. The electronics that came fitted are quite basic and seem to give a bit of buzz and interference (checked by a local luthier, preamp circuit found to be most likely culprit for background noise). Bass has a single soapbar pickup and current controls are volume, bass, mid, treble. Aiming for same controls but with active passive switch on volume knob. Only option I've found that fits the bill so far is Bartolini hr2.5 ap/918 as nearly everything else has a tone/blend knob as they're expecting more than one pickup in the bass. Any suggestions on alternatives/where to look at options? Thanks in advance 😁
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