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  1. Just now, Frank Blank said:

    No, don't. I tried it and found myself branded an apostate, glued to the underside of a donkey and banished from the West Lothian Women's Institute Cake and Coffee Jamboree.

    You as well, huh?

    I miss the Madeira and Walnut ones the most

  2. “I blame you for the moonlit sky”

    How on earth can I influence the lunar cycle and adequate clear skies?

    “And the dream that died with the eagles flights”

    Unless I forcefully made the 70’s US Superband get on a jet and fly off, then no. 

    And no, satellites do not sleep. They may go into a standby mode retaining an element of “being on” but actually sleeping? Nope.


  3. “He’s got a brand new car. Looks like a Jaguar. It’s got a CD player”


    Nope. On many occasions when I did have a brand new car it wasn’t a Jaguar. There were a few occasions when it had a CD player. 

    However, on the occasion I did have a brand new Jaguar, a black XF I hasten to add, it didn’t have a CD Player. It had a hard drive system that allowed connection by USB or Bluetooth to allow files to be copied over for playing later.

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  4. Mapex Drum Throne - Saddle top double braced - £50 (can be posted)

    Tama Iron Cobra HP900 Bass Pedal - Includes case  - £100 (can be posted)

    Tama Fast Clamps MC69 - £20 each (can be posted)

    Tama Fast Clamp MC61 - £10 (can be posted)

    Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Maple Shell (White) 5 piece shell kit - £500 (can't be posted - PM me to work out collection or delivery)

    Mapex Armory Cymbal Stands (x3) - £120 (Possibly posted - but again PM me)

    Tama Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand - £120 (can be posted)

    Tama Star Snare Stand - £75 (can be posted)

    Remo Practise Pad and Stand - £50 (can be posted)

    Meinl Byzance 20" Sand Ride - £250 (can be posted)

    Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dark Crash - £75 (can be posted)

    Meinl Classics Custom 14" Dark Hi-Hat set - £100 (can be posted)

    No Trades.
    If you want the whole kit (everything listed), you can have it for £1200 but it would need to be collected, or I can deliver if you aren't too far off!













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  5. Well, after nearly breaking my heart after a crippling neck break, and losing it for a good while for repair... it has subsequently rekindled my love of bass, made me focus on fretless, and taught me that actually you tend to bond with instruments very rarely.


    After all that heartache it’s now become the very first instrument that I truly couldn’t ever part with...



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  6. Once of the original 15" Barefaced Compact Cabs. It's a Gen2 I believe, and is largely unmarked with the original covering in good condition. 

    Comes with a cover (It's a roqsolid I believe as well..)


    I can't post as I don't have a box big enough - but you can collect, and if you're not too far away I can probably deliver depending on where I am with work travels 





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  7. 1 hour ago, fleabag said:

    @Bridgehouse   Me too. Which one was yours?

    The White Horse in Broad St.  Morse necked some bevvies  in that one in the series.

    I've drank in many others though, having been an Oxford resident in the past

    Yep I’ve lived in Oxford too. Mine was the Bird and Baby when morse was having his lunchtime quaff.

  8. 4 minutes ago, jezzaboy said:

    Right you lot, who`s taking the p&ss with my name?



    Any more of this are your nicked!

    oops wrong cop show


  9. 5 minutes ago, BassTractor said:

    What a great idea for a thread!
    You may be new here, but I must say you got to the core of its raison d'être immediately.  😐
    Welcome, Billy.

    Yep, get over to the den of iniquity thread - with content like this you'll fit in perfectly over there :D

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