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  1. Omg, i had the 2 pickup version in that same finish. It is truly mesmerizing. The most beautiful finish I’ve ever seen, and the neck joint is pure art. GLWTS. These are Basses of the highest quality
  2. I can hear the Meters in your bass line. Lovely full thumpy tone there. Good luck with the sale man 👍
  3. These have the quality feel of a hand made bass designed with the input of pro bass players…. which is exactly what it is. Not suprised they cost double the price of a P bass back in the day..
  4. Oh man, this one is hard for me to admit to myself, but i spent a heap of cash on a new Mesa Strategy eight 88 and a 4X12 Powerhouse because i considered it the best i could buy, and considering I live in Norway where import costs are colossal… It's heavy but it sounds great. I now realise there are plenty of great amps at a fraction of the cost and weight... 2 years after i got it it blew up... smoke.. drama.. the whole deal. Mesa in California could not have cared less. Their support for customers out side of the US is appauling. I had to deal with (via the shop that sold it to me) a Finnish distributor who also couldn't care less. I returned the amp for repair.. It took 6 months!!.. got it back and blew up again after 40 mins.. more smoke and more drama. Lots more couldn't care lessness later i got it back. It was by this time 12 months after the original failure. The fix involved replacing pre amp tubes and other components that resulted in a loss of power… God i could cry.. But the upside is, i still have it.. it does sound bloody amazing.. and it's so ridiculously powerfull that the reduction in power is meaningless. For a valve head, it doesn't break up nicely though... i've been a fool
  5. Is this as do-able as it sounds? I assume nut adjustment but will regular 4 string take the tension ok?
  6. Ah, same bass in my profile pic. A terrific Bass, killer tone and plays really great. Guild really nailed those pups
  7. Nice, how good is the keeper, because this one is lovely. Mine is is the natural finish which is mellowing to a lovely butterscotch. Good luck with the sale, these BB2000's rarely come along
  8. The king BB. These are a 'Cadillac' of a bass. Would never sell mine. Someone's gonna get a cracking bass.
  9. A sublime bass, what a fantastic neck.. Good luck with the sale, who ever gets this will be well happy..
  10. jbu09


    Highly strung?
  11. Have to say i have struggled with unity gain with darkglass B7k and OmegaAlpha. They are great if you use them 100%. Maybe it's just me, but if i dialed in the drive to more 9 o'clock, then UG became unobtainable.. The ultra models have a master volume, so should be no issue there
  12. I had a great time picking up two special basses from Niels, I decided to take a road trip to Berlin to deal face to face. Neil's is a guy of integrity, so deal with confidence. He also helped me out with a bunch of off topic stuff while I was here. Cheers Niels, please dealing with you
  13. jbu09

    Feedback for Maut

    Had a great time picking up a couple of very special Basses from Maut. I decided to take a road trip to Berlin to do the deal face to face. Niels is a top man who is integrity personified. If you want to deal with Maut, do so with confidence. He's one of lifes good guys... Cheers Niels
  14. Thanks guys, Another notch on my knowledge stick 🤔
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