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  1. How long do Fender typically keep models in production?
    I'm really interested in getting hold of a ultra jazz bass V in mocha burst in the next year or so but not sure if they'll still be manufacturing them.

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    2. AinsleyWalker


      @ead unfortunate but true. I remember my mate had a MIM jazz when we were younger and it was a great bass, but I got one recently and didn't like it at all. Ended up trading it. 

    3. ead


      To be fair to MIMs. I do believe they consistency and quality has improved in the last few years, but maybe yours slipped through the net.  I'm more of an MIJ/CIJ guy when it comes to Fenders though.

    4. Misdee


      Fender traditionally keep successful product ranges for about seven years. However, they are now looking at updating successful ranges every three or four years. 


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