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  1. basior

    basior feedback

    Please leave any feedback for things bought or sold. Thanks!!
  2. basior

    Fingerz Feedback

    Bought Lakland 55-02 - really great bass (as described) and a really cool guy. Highly recommend!
  3. hi. its 35 inch. don't have a bathroom scale but this bass is very light - my fender jazz is almost 2x Roscoe's weight
  4. At this kind of a big stage the tech company should provide body packs (wireless transmitters for IEM) and DI box - so you can show up only with IEm and bass. You (as a band) should send them you technical rider with secified info of what gear you need on stage.
  5. You should definitely check out notreble.com there is a 2part article by Adam Nitti bout structuring your practice regiment. Damian Erskin (weekly contributor) also touches this topic several times in his articles. Have fun
  6. Can highly recommend this guys. They'r located in Zabrze/Poland. They refurbish theirs amps and cabs. I bought a Eden 2x10 cab a while back and it serves me well
  7. Open for reasonable cash offers
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