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  1. Yes, Many things are difficult because you are presented with too many options. I think that might be my issue. I suspect having a target tone might help. That would be a fixed point around which to develop an EQ strategy. I guess the pedal manufacturers have to sell a product that is complete - so you don't also have to buy a separate EQ pedal. So each device has an independent set of EQ controls and people's rigs end up with masses of EQ controls, all doing the same thing - or are they?
  2. Very useful. Thanks. Gives me a starting point.
  3. I think this is the right place - please move if not. My bass has an EQ function. As do each of my pedals. There is even a pedal that does nothing but manage EQ. Finally my amp has a set of EQ controls. I see vids on various ideas for EQ but they never seem to go very far until they hit the point where they say 'twiddle it until you like it.' Or something similar. I would be grateful to hear how people think about EQ in the light of all these options. Any EQ setting strategies? Opinions? Thanks
  4. I have one as a copy of the Xotic XP Booster. Use it for blues harp. Very good.
  5. Hi, Does an Ibanez AGB200 sound like a doable trade?? Paul
  6. Thats it! You've had your chance! Off to Fleabay it goes.
  7. Bump! Still open to offers or a trade for something medium / short scale. Also in the market for one of these: Suzuki SCX 64. Would need to be in fantastic nick - as is this bass! Cheers Paul
  8. Price dropped! Bump! Down to £225. Any Offers??
  9. Hi, Selling my Traben Array 4 Limited. Active Bass With Case Lots of people have good things to say about these so I got one. After a year or so of learning bass I have decided that my 54 year old fingers really need a 32" (Medium) scale. So this one has to go as I am stalking a nearby Warwick. Would consider other 32" part exchanges though This one is mint! it even still has the barcode sticker on the back with no marks or blemishes that I can see. I've not played it much due to the stretch and my aching pinky so it has lived in the Ritter hardcase (included). I used a starter Yamaha which will be appearing on ebay shortly. A bit of googling will tell you all you need to know about this bass - highly thought of with custom features at a sensible price - seems to be the verdict. Copied and pasted from some review somewhere: [size=3]"[color=#333333][font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Using exotic woods normally reserved for high-end or custom basses, the Traben Array Limited 4S brings a striking spalted maple top to the Traben style and sound. Combine the custom looks with a modern soapbar and humbucker pickup combination with 3-band active EQ and you've got one hot bass. The pickups are also controlled by volume and blend knobs. The solid brass custom bridge provides a sonic benefit that you will hear and feel. The Array body is slightly smaller and perfectly balanced for lighter weight and modern feel. Traben's unique philosophy for building electric basses centers around their large bridges for bigger, badder tone. These bigger bridges are designed to have more mass and more bridge-to-body contact for added resonance in the body."[/font][/color][/size] I'm not an experienced bassist and my ear is still developing but the range of tones seems very broad and it sounds goood! I even found myself believing the stuff they said on youtube about the heavy flame bridge and brass nut increasing the sustain and having a positive effect on tone. I've bought and sold a lot of banjos and other instruments over the years, some I've kept, others had to go - I'm not entirely sure that I will not regret selling this but the Warwick is calling. I live in Elmswell near Bury St Edmunds and work in Colchester Essex. Happy to meet / post / you collect / whatever: Postage will be About £25 I reckon and I will pack it well. [attachment=224220:IMGP0503.JPG] [attachment=224221:IMGP0504.JPG] [attachment=224222:IMGP0505.JPG] [attachment=224219:IMGP0502.JPG] [attachment=224217:IMGP0500.JPG] [attachment=224218:IMGP0501.JPG]
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