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  1. So yeah..I bought Michael's P bass around four years ago but as mentioned he didn't let it go without having second thoughts & that kinda stuck with me. I guess I never really bonded with Michael's P bass probably because it still felt like it didn't belong to me (if you all see what I mean).

    When I read his items wanted on here for an early 70's P bass I just had to reply. 
    I'm a big believer of the saying what goes around comes around & this just about sums up Basschat & our fantastic community we have here.

    Michael it's great that you have your beloved P bass back. I'm so happy for you. It's the least I could do. 
    Cheers Norm 

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  2. I met Sean today & bought his Vanderkly LNT210 cab which he'd very kindly put on hold for me for a couple of weeks. Top guy to deal with as many of you already know. 
    Cheers Norm 

  3. I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've bought a Boss bcb-60 pedalboard on eBay but after hitting the payment button I've read its collection only. I'm based in the north west of England so I was wondering & hoping if there's anyone in the Guildford area who would be prepared to pick it up for me & post it to me up here? I know it's a lot to ask but I'm prepared to pay you for your trouble & obviously for postage. 🙏🤞

  4. Sometime ago I bought an amazing 77 Stingray & it arrived with a fairly new set of really cool sounding flatwound strings. Could anyone please help me by identifying what make & model they are. I was told that they are Ernie Ball Cobalts but I'm really not sure. 
    Many thanks 🙏 🤞



  5. I recently received a superb Harvest gig bag from @Oldman it was packaged really well & posted promptly! 
    A credit to our Basschat community. Please deal with complete confidence! 
    Cheers Brian.

    Regards Norm 

  6. Received a Mono strap from Paul this week. 
    Amazingly fast delivery. Great communication throughout.

    As we all know Paul is an amazing credit to our community here on Basschat. 

    Kind regards. 
    Norm 🤗

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