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  1. I was hoping your AB1 was still there when i dropped in to Bass Direct last week had been keeping an eye on it on the web but you got to it first! Worked out as i fell in love with a stunning 5 from Mr Lull
  2. My Lull PT5 matching LSP Blue [attachment=168983:Image.jpg][attachment=168984:Image 1.jpg] And my Dingwall SPJ [attachment=168985:IMG_0233.JPG][attachment=168986:IMG_0234.JPG]
  3. Any Dingwall is great i would say i had a 2010 Combustion and then a full custom SPJ both totally amazing! The NG2 has had a delay due to Sheldon Dingwall not being happy with the quality he was sent so the first batch i believe will be coming to the UK in September at Bass Direct.
  4. Here is my SPJ custom. Amazing bass fell in love with it the moment i picked it up.
  5. Yeah rosewood fingerboard on the neck.
  6. Thanks sorry to let it go but needs must.
  7. [size=5][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]SORRY NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE [/font][/size]
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