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  1. [quote name='6stringbassist' post='75857' date='Oct 18 2007, 12:18 AM']Hi Thanks, but I'm not really after an overdiven sort of sound, just a thicker, warmer sound.[/quote] The VT1 will do clean sounds as well. In fact, depending on th valve you stick in there, it may not do overdrive at all. The preamp comparison sticky at the top is a good pointer for that sort of thing. There so much variation for sound and gain type it's great! Even with a 12AX7 in it, you can still get quite a bit of clean out of it which is he great thing about Dave's pedals. There's a lot of different sounds to be had in such a simple looking box. If not a MK3 then the [url="http://www.davehallamps.co.uk/Products,%20VT1-StandardBass.html"]VT1 Standard[/url] will still most likley fit the bill. Andy
  2. MoJ

    Carvin heads

    So far as I know Carvin arent that well known here in the UK either. All I can tell you is that Steve Vai had a signature head and cab(s) and thats about it. Only experience of Carvin Ive ever had was at college when they had the odd keyboard amp which got used for guitars and unsurprisingly they didnt sound so good. Sorry, thats of no help whatsoever but I dont think there's gonna be many who have used Carvin. I could be wrong... Andy
  3. MoJ

    400 watts Rms

    [quote name='Phaedrus' post='55730' date='Sep 5 2007, 09:13 AM']EDIT: BTW, MoJ - What cab did you try the Tour 450 with. I had been talking with my local shop about getting in a Tour 450 and a TVX410 4 ohm cab for me to try. Shame he said that if he got it in for me, I'd have to buy it. I'm more interested in a 2x10 combo now (playing my part in cutting down weight & van space and trying to lower on-stage volume), but the Tour 450 + TVX410 still niggles at me as a potentially good, versatile, robust rig.[/quote] Hi Phaedrus, I used the Tour 450 with my current cabs, which are a Trace Elliot 1028 (Peavey era 2 x 10) and an older Trace 1153T cab. The thing had awesome power through these. I mean, the EQ is powerful and it was uber loud. Barely got it past 11 o'clock (and we do play loud in rehearsal, no thanks to our deaf guitarist!). The Kosmos octaver is a bit rubbish, but then most things like this built into amps I usually find are, like the Ashdown one too. But, it's hardley gonna be a deal clintcher. It does make me reconsider my current amp (Peavey Pro 500) because of the price, but I could get the same sound from that compared to the Tour 450, plus more, so it's not a problem. I have tried the TVX410, when I borowed the Pro 500 to test, and it is a great sounding cab. Very loud and great bottom from a 4 x 10, but the weight puts me off. If you can bare the weight, Id definitly jump at a Tour 450/TVX410 setup. Thats going to sound awesome! Hope that helps. If you get a chance to try a Tour 450 or 700 out (I think my shop is doing those for around £300) then you'll definitley want to buy one, but like all things, I would want to try before I buy. Andy
  4. MoJ

    400 watts Rms

    [quote name='Jase' post='55505' date='Sep 4 2007, 07:59 PM']Cheers guys, All this concern has come about from being offered regular work with a hard rock band, they're pretty loud and powerful, I normally use a Trace Elliot which is around 280 watts but I got totally blown away by the band, it's not so much the volume but the power, the Trace can't hack it. I need to find something that'll deliver either by just using the 400 watt cab or by adding another cab and finding the right amp.[/quote] For my two pence worth, I had to use an old Trace head last week - an SMC 7 band (wouldnt know if thats pre-Gibson ie good or not) but I found it lacked in the bottom end quite a bit, especially for a 300 watt head. Not sure what people rave on about, but the AH500-7 (new Peavey owned) was better by ten fold. The SMC didnt cut it for me at all. Horses for coarses. Im sure others really like them... Try a Peavey Tour 450. I borrowed one from work as a road test on Monday and it rocks! Tons of (mid) bottom with very little EQ and I could get the bite in my sound I like too, and my shop is doing them for £259. Might even be a bit less, I cant quite remember this time of the day (after Jaeger...) Honestly, I defy ANYONE to find an amp as good as this, new, for the same price! Andy
  5. Predominantly fingerstyle just because it feels more natural for me. I do use a pick in my current band for one song at the moment, just simply because my fingerstyle doesnt allow me to play extremely fast. Andy
  6. Cool, cheers. Always interested to hear where people stick compression. Also, Ive heard [i]some[/i] negative things about the Black Finger. Good to hear something positive about it. Thanks Andy
  7. Mind if I ask where abouts in your sigal you put this? is in between your amp and bass or in after the amp/eq (ie effects loop)? ANdy
  8. MoJ

    Peavey Pro 500

    [quote name='Kirky' post='50784' date='Aug 26 2007, 08:13 AM']Did you buy this? I have a chance of getting one (Pro 500) for £399 - is that good value? I'm only going to be playing weddings etc but it seems like a great amp. I'd only want to use one cab with it (2x10) - any suggestions? Many thanks, Martin.[/quote] Hi Kirby, yes, I did buy mine in the end. Havent regretting a second of it. Easily punchier than my last head for the sort of music I play and really versatile too. Managed to get the grindy tone I like really quickly and better too, reinforce the right low mids for me rather than have it dictated to me by the amp and it's all pretty flat too. A first for me! Actually quite jealous of the price you're getting it for, cuz I work in a guitar shop and it still cost me more than that and I get a pretty decent discount! They were selling it retail for £699 I think, with a rack case included as where the head had been there a while it had a scratch on the top. Anyhoo, for the price you're paying (even the one I paid!), you're getting a great deal for a great head! Andy
  9. MoJ

    MoJ's feedback

    Cheers Dave! Thanks again, Andy
  10. MoJ


    Ouch! Think Ill stick me £10 EH thanks! Still, Ill see if I can try them 12AX7WB's out. Guess there's still some more testing for me to be done. Thanks Brycebites Andy
  11. MoJ

    dlloyd's Feedback

    Great bloke! Had a cab going, so I bought it and Dave's been very good all the way through, keeping me up to date with every part of the process. Even bunged in a speaker cable for nowt, and checked the cab worked before he sent it! Thanks Dave! I shall have lots of bottom end fun soon as my Peavey head comes back. Andy
  12. MoJ


    [quote name='brycebites' post='47684' date='Aug 20 2007, 12:55 PM']Woooooaaaahhhhhh. £24 for a new production valve????? *shakes head* They can't be worth it otherwise everyone would be wanting them. Personally I'd only pay that for a NOS Mullard.[/quote] So they're no different to a EH 12AX7 then? Where's the best/cheapest place to NOS Mullards? Would be interested to see what they're like. Do the Mullards break up in a tighter way than EH? Just that I would like that EH grindy kind of tone, but with a smoother overdrive... Andy
  13. MoJ


    [quote name='brycebites' post='46762' date='Aug 17 2007, 10:01 AM']Out of interest, what valve did you go for in your pedal (which DHA is it?) and what's your amp setup?[/quote] Hi Brycebites, I got Dave to fit the EH 12AX7 cryo valves in a VT2 Dual Bass. Personally think they sound great, but after a lengthy trial of them, Ive settled, for the moment, on just the standard EH in position one, as the cryo is more shine and Im after grind. I may eventually stick one in position two but I feel at he moment the shine helps get the grind through at higher gain settings. Also tried the JJ Tesla, as you described at transparent I believe, which I thought I may like but it didnt really have much life to it. My current amp setup is a Peavey Pro 500 (though thats in for repair so Im back to my Trace Elliot AH500-7 at the moment). As far as I know the preamp valve in the Pro 500 is an EH 12AX7, and I found after the PSU for my DHA went down that the grind I got from that was perfect, and very little need for EQ so I resorted to one in my DHA. All works just nicely with my Ric! [quote name='brycebites' post='46773' date='Aug 17 2007, 10:51 AM']The STR-12 12AX7-A is the same as the newer EH valves, which have shorter plates that I've seen them with before. In fact I would say they look very much like Sovteks, and considering EH bought Sovtek I'm not surprised. You can see them both here: [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ELECTRO-HARMONIX-MESA-BOOGIE-12AX7-EH-12AX7-A-TUBE_W0QQitemZ130144477918QQihZ003QQcategoryZ39997QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ELECTRO-HARMONIX-MES...1QQcmdZViewItem[/url][/quote] Ive seen on Hotrox though, that there is an [url="http://www.hotroxuk.com/store/erol.html#3153X3156"]SPAX7A[/url], which according to the Mesa site blurb is a high spec valve for "critical positions" of an amp signal chain.. Andy
  14. [quote name='Muse_Cubed' post='46692' date='Aug 17 2007, 12:56 AM']I'm a huge Diago fan, their power supply does 3,000ma and you can keep adding to your daisy chains plus there are several different adaptors available (for the EHX type 9v connectors, 18V pedals etc.). They're about 50 quid and worth every penny.[/quote] + 1 for the Diago. Mainly got mine as I knew I could get a converter from them to power my 18v Trace Elliot compressor, but I still had to nip down to Maplin and get a tip converter so as it would fit! £30 off Ebay too, includin shipping! Andy
  15. MoJ


    [quote name='Hamster' post='46679' date='Aug 17 2007, 12:08 AM']Nice guide - thanks. For those not in the know it may be worth noting that the uber expensive Mesa Boogie tubes are just re-badged mass produced Chinese valves. Hamster[/quote] Is that the Mesa 12AX7 or the SPAX7? I was aware that Mesa dont meake their own, but was under the impression that the SP was a higher sepc'd version. But yes, great guide Bryce. Has helped me choose valves form my DHA. Andy
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