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  1. Budgie are awesome!! Hope the gigs go well!
  2. Finding something interesting to practise is always a challenge I reckon. The more time I spend practising the more I just end up noodling! A terribly frustrating and restricted instrument for me lately.
  3. Practise is such a drag though isn't it? I also hate band practise/rehearsals!
  4. I was a bass player in a previous life.....I [i]think [/i]
  5. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1330464605' post='1558025'] That was awesome - how the hell did this pass me by? Been listening to Percy's "Cape Catastrophe" album a lot lately - absolutely brilliant! [/quote] [url="http://buckyballmusic.com/jba/br014_pl.html"]http://buckyballmusic.com/jba/br014_pl.html[/url] some stuff to check out here
  6. [quote name='walplayer' timestamp='1330396993' post='1556874'] brand x have reformed apparently (well jones and goodsall are in it anyway) [/quote] Yeah, Ronnie Ciago on drums too!!
  7. Nice to see a recent BangTower vid...and of course the man himself Percy Jones [url="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKXBwDn4BkWc%26feature%3Dshare&h=ZAQH7jAjIAQFq8dBiDZmSjrbfExvInSu05VkJPb8c3HAy4g"]http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKXBwDn4BkWc%26feature%3Dshare&h=ZAQH7jAjIAQFq8dBiDZmSjrbfExvInSu05VkJPb8c3HAy4g[/url]
  8. [quote name='Gwilym' timestamp='1324427492' post='1474253'] why does everybody talk about being "endorsed" by such and such company? surely the musician is the endorser of a company's product(s), because they believe the product is a good product and/or so that they get free/cheap stuff. the company as the endorsee hopes that legions of fanboys/girls will then try to emulate their heroes by buying said product. I don't mean to sound too cynical, but it makes no sense to me to talk about the companies endorsing individual musicians [/quote][quote name='Jean-Luc Pickguard' timestamp='1324428233' post='1474259'] Gwilym - exactly! nail -> head It makes me cringe when people talk about being endorsed as if they don't understand something they're in the middle of. [/quote] Spot on! The artist endorses the product! I have lots of endorsements from Ready Brek right through to naughty magazines! And another thing, they're basically artist trade prices...well, for most of us anyway, unless you happen to be a heavy weight player...perhaps they pay too?? Who knows and who cares? You can blurt on all you like about your company, the companies love it, why wouldn't they? They won't give you anything more than a trade price though and of course they're really nice guys, they want you to buy their stuff, you buy their stuff, talk about them all day - who's the winner? Has anybody here actually had any products given to them by a company, free, with lots of promo? It would be interesting to know. I used the "endorsed" term the wrong way around at one point "endorsed by such and such" don't do it, makes you look like a right cock!
  9. Jase

    Weird Sci Fi :)

    A Wireboy update if anyone fancies a gander [url="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2315965867533&set=vb.192798624133864&type=2&theater"]We had a promo photo shoot in San Francisco.[/url]
  10. Jase

    Weird Sci Fi :)

    [quote name='ShergoldSnickers' timestamp='1321124686' post='1435683'] Support from this quarter Jase. Triggers all the right brain cells here. [/quote] Cheers Ian!!
  11. Jase

    Weird Sci Fi :)

    I have a new film in Pre Production with my colleague Cassandra Sechler. Please check us out and hurl abuse or maybe some support [url="https://www.facebook.com/Wireboythefilm"]Wireboy[/url]
  12. Jase

    Vinyl Pressing

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1320237627' post='1424078'] I looked into it for the Dick Venom & The Terrortones single, but in the end with the packaging we wanted it was far cheaper to go for CDs. However when I asked the same question the consensus was that [url="http://www.breedmedia.co/"]Breed[/url] were one of the best. They were certainly very helpful and patient with our endless enquiries and the 10" singles that they did for a friend's band were excellent. However once you start looking into it you'll find that there actually very few pressing facilities and that most of the contacts are brokers so it's all about who's offering the best deal at any particular time, as the end result will probably come from the same manufacturer. [/quote] Cheers mate, very helpful
  13. Jase

    Vinyl Pressing

    Ello Could anybody suggest a place to get albums/singles pressed on vinyl? I've found a few online, just wondering if anybody has any experience. Thanks Jase.
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