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  1. I see. Thank you. I should have specified that I have a ‘player’ [mexican made] series fender jazz bass. Does this make a difference?
  2. Interesting. Thank you for your feedback.
  3. Hello. I have a fender jazz bass at the moment, but am looking into purchasing a sire v7 bass. The former has medium jumbo frets and the latter has medium small [I think!]. What difference can I expect to find between the two basses in terms of feel and performance because of this? Also, what is the purpose of different fret sizes in general? I am curious to understand the science behind such. Thank you.
  4. Well spotted. I did not want to shop them out by naming names, but yes, this image was taken from the fender website. Very confusing that they have done this.
  5. Thanks to all for your feedback. I thought that was the case, but I had to be sure. There are other images out there that are much clearer, such as this one [SEE attached] which labels the bottom shape as ‘c asym’ and you can see clearly see its ‘egg’ like shape as opposed to the symmetrical ‘c’ shape seen in the one above. Just out of curiosity, what is the intended purpose and/or benefits of a ‘c asymmetrical’ shape?
  6. Hello. Can someone confirm what a ‘modern c’ neck shape is for me please? I have always thought that it is basically a thinner ‘c shape’ [equally left to right]. But then, I have found this image that shows that the left side is thinner than the right. So now I am confused. Am I misinterpreting the image wrong or is this the case. If so… 1) Would this not feel awkward on the hand as there is no symmetry to it? 2) What is the intended purpose and/or benefits of this shape? I hope this makes sense! Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone. Have been away from basschat for a while. Glad to be back and posting. Just wanted to say [an official] hello after so long!
  8. Hello everyone. I wondered if anyone knew what the fingerboard radius is on the ‘Sigma BMC-1STE+’ bass please? I sent sigma official an email some weeks back, but have not heard from them. I have also contacted several guitar retailers such as guitarguitar, gak and andertons but no one seems to have a clue and have not heard anything from sigma official either. Does anyone own this bass guitar or know where I can find this information. I would like to know before I consider buying one. Thank you.
  9. *SOLD* I brought them last year for a studio project that never happened, so they have been sitting in their boxes since- so basically like new. I thought about holding onto them in case I ever got back into recording again, but that doesn’t look likely, so figured that it is better to sell them. Includes their original boxing/packaging and power cables etc. Speaker cables also included [worth £30]. My asking price is based on other posts and online price guides, so I feel that they are fair. Cash on collection. NO trades thank you. I’m based in Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK. You are welcome to check out my feedback page here:
  10. Graham brought my Markbass Little Mark 800 Bass Head and Markbass New York 122 4 Ohm Bass Cabinet. A friendly and honest basschatter. Good communications and payment also… trade with ease! Thanks again Graham! Enjoy the gear. Greg.
  11. *SOLD* Hi everyone. Selling my Markbass head and cabinet. This is a great single cabinet choice for all venues and styles: a powerful sound with a much smaller footprint. I purchased them last year for the studio but never put them to use, so they have been sitting in their boxes since- basically as new [no blemishes etc]. I held onto them for a while in case I ever got back into live playing again, but that doesn't look likely to happen now so decided that its better to sell them. Includes their original boxing and cables etc [as pictured]. My asking prices are based on other posts and online price guides, so I feel that they are fair. Collection in person OR postage at buyers cost (UK only). NO trades thank you. I’m based in Birmingham, UK. Markbass Little Mark 800 Bass Head - £450 Markbass New York 122 4 Ohm Bass Cabinet - £475 … or £900 if brought together. You’re welcome to check out my feedback page here:
  12. I posted a very similar thread earlier last week, however it seems to have veered off into the realm of general discussion instead of technical discussion, which was my intention for it. Perhaps my wording was misleading. Anyhow, I shall still keep it as I love to hear your stories! Admittedly, in the few years that I have been playing, I have done very little experimenting with regard to build; particularly when the neck has been concerned [ie. depth, shape and radius etc]. Until now, I have been using a ‘modern c’ shape jazz neck purely because thats what my MIM fender came with; hoping that it would grow on me in time. However, a few years on, I’m trying to love it but I just don’t. So for the first time, I am opening myself up to the vast possibilities, in the attempt to find the ideal match for me. Trouble is, with so many profile types available on the market nowadays, I am left overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. The typical approach would be to visit my local guitar store and try what they have. That said, I’m naturally the indecisive type, so I can’t always trust myself to know what I like based on my ‘gut’ instinct or ‘feel’. So I sometimes find it useful to understand the ‘science’ behind the designs as a guide or to sway my overall opinion. For example, I have read that a ‘D’ shaped neck, popularised by companies like Ibanez, is where the shoulders come almost vertically out and come over; which facilitates the idea that instead of the thumb being over the neck, the thumb can be on the back of the neck for faster legato playing. A ‘speedier’ neck, if you will. I wondered if any of you could shed some more examples like the one above, based on technical knowledge or playing experiences? Cheers.
  13. Hi all. Just wondering how neck thickness [distance front to back] and shape [‘modern c’ or 'd' for example] affect feel and playability? What are some of your playing experiences? Thanks.
  14. Cool. Incidentally, I have a new york 122 in storage. I’ve often wondered how the traveler would compare. I kinda know what to expect tone wise, but how does the traveler hold up in terms of volume? I know that it isn’t going to be loud as the new york, or indeed the standard hr, but will it hold its own against a loud drummer regardless?
  15. What constitutes as ‘distress’? Buzzing? Cutting out? Thin sounding? Forgive the daft sounding question, just making sure that inform myself as much as possible 😉
  16. Duly noted lol. But fundamentally, what I want to be sure of is that its not going to blow up on me?! lol
  17. Hi all. My current rig is the ‘Little Mark 800’ head through the ‘Standard 104HR’ cabinet (4 Ohm); but I was looking into a smaller cabinet to save on space, namely the ‘Traveler 102P’ (4 Ohm). However, I wondered if the two would be compatible with one another though, as the traveler only have a power of 400W RMS? I don’t know too much of the science behind bass equipment; I’ve just always assumed that the head and cabinet should both be of similar power.... what does it mean to have a cabinet of less power, in conjunction with a higher powered head? Cheers.
  18. Hi all. I’ve been online to look for a set of flatwounds. Opinions are mixed regarding top load or thru-body; with some companies like labella cautioning against it, whilst others such as daddario say that it is fine. I wondered if someone could help clear this up for me please? The general idea seems to be that flatwounds are not suitable for basses with ‘thru-body’ stringing as they don’t like being pulled over tight angles. However, I have also read that this depends on gauge and the size of the break angle. If possible, I would like to keep the thru-body option as I feel that it transfers string vibration to the body more reliably and efficiently. The bass that I am using is a yamaha bb1024, which a incorporates a diagonal 45º angle stringing method, as opposed to the traditional vertical (90º), which places less stress on the strings. Do you think that the smaller 45º break angle on my yamaha combined with, say, a set of D’Addario ECB80 Chromes 40-95 (D’Addario's lightest flatwound bass strings) would work fine? Thanks.
  19. Hi all. Thank you for your comments, much appreciated! 😀
  20. Hi all. Thinking of this warwick thumb as my next purchase… https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/warwick-gps-thumb-bo-4-in-natural-transparent-satin. Hypothetically speaking, if we say that it has been well looked after with no problems etc, how much could I expect to get back from one of these if I decide to sell in future? I know this might seem like an odd question, but I figured that it doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst. After losing too much money on other brands before, I have since learnt to be mindful of resale value before deciding to pull the trigger. Cheers.
  21. Hi all. I revisit these two songs often, and love that the driving element of them is largely owed to the bass and drums. Bass wise, I also can’t help but notice the greatest groove-inducing element... space/restraint. What other songs from this era follow the same ‘slow-tempo, funky, minimalist' mash of head-bobbing goodness?
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