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  1. 32 inches. EDIT: Even as a [mainly] 34 inch player, it feels great to me.
  2. Ziggy brought my novation midi controller. A friendly and honest chatter. Good comms and smooth payer… deal with ease! Thanks. Greg.
  3. *PRICE DROP* Now £200 This will be my final price drop. I cannot go lower. A versatile bass. I have seen youtube videos of people using it for acoustic blues, rock, reggae and jazz shows etc. I would keep it, but the money would be useful at the moment. Thanks 🙂
  4. Must have been like an episode of ‘stars in their eyes’ LOL 😆 Tonight matthew, I’m going to be…
  5. I have a smoke machine story too. I played in a party band once, and one song that we covered was ‘Take on me’ by A-ha. The singer was so arrogant [theres a surprise] and the rest of the band could not stand him. I decided that I had had enough. So, before the show, I asked the stage guy to really crank out the smoke during that particular song. My plan was to sabotage the high note in the chorus… and it bloody worked! Wahey! 😂 The chorus went like so… Take on me (take on me) Take me on (take on me) I'll be gone In a day or twooo *cough cough* oooo *splutter splutter* oooo! It was the funniest thing that I had seen and heard in a long time. We replaced him a couple of weeks later… thank goodness! 😂
  6. Oh no! I walked straight into this one! 😆
  7. These buggers have plagued me all week. ‘A bit of harmless radio, on the way to work’, is what I said to myself at the start of the week. 'Harmless' my a*se! Gangnam Style – Psy Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson About the Bass – Meghan Trainer Shake It Off – Taylor Swift Here I am at the end of the week…
  8. I can relate. There is nothing worse than realising that something has been captured on film. It is one thing to perform the blunder itself, but another thing to have to watch the footage later on and relive the whole thing. This has happened to me in the past with string breaks, tripping on cables and such… all caught on camera! It is all part of the live experience though. As long as you are quick to right the situation, the audience usually do not mind 😉👍
  9. *PRICE DROP* Now £225 I appreciate that it is a niche brand, so I have dropped it to £225. I want £200 for it, and £25 is for packing materials and delivery. It is a really great bass. Give it a home! Thanks 🙂
  10. Classic! Definitely one that came to mind straight away 😀
  11. Nice! You can never go wrong with a bit of wooten. Especially when covering a classic like this 😊
  12. Oh man! I was going to say that one lol 😉. Always a great one to hear live. I like this performance…
  13. Yes, definitely. So many people often focus on doug, and forget about muzz. Like you say, he was on those first two living colour albums after all, with writing credits for songs like ‘cult of personality’ and ‘desperate people’. Both great tracks 👍🤘
  14. I love how specific she was about it being in the shower! lol 😆 Naughty girl! lol 😆
  15. The ol’ strap-lock blunder, eh? That happened to me in rehearsal once because the screws were a shade too small for the holes. I tell ya, my bass dropped harder than skrillex! lol 😂
  16. Speaking of chic, as a child, I always thought it was… ‘Aww freak COW’ ‘Le freak, c’est SHEEP’ Ol’ nile is clearly fond of his animals! Who’d of thought it! 😂 Listen to 00.10-00.15 and tell me I’m wrong 🤣
  17. Who knows what goes on inside madonna's head?! lol 😆
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