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  1. Oh man, that is a very tempting bass. Never tried one - but now want one!
  2. I am looking on my phone - where are you located (apologies if this is mentioned somewhere)
  3. Wish you were closer, I would be certainly trying these out. GLWTS.
  4. I really wish I had the money for that - I me would even throw in an extra fiver for the panda sticker!
  5. Unfortunately that is just out of my budget, otherwise I would be on my way to Oxford now. GLWTS!
  6. That bass is so very much out of my league, but the waffle offer without effecting my statutory rights has me drooling. Brilliant ad, and GLWTS.
  7. Hi I'm on the look out for a 5 string. Where abouts are you - i have not tried fan frets.....yet. And if your too far away, have a free bump on me :-)
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