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  1. Used to be mine too ! Great piece of bass !
  2. I finally keep it. That's a really good jazz, looking for better is a silly habit ! It only deserves to be played and not solded or traded. Have fun and play good guys !
  3. My mistake in the currency convertion : 2875£ or 3200€.
  4. Bump ! In case you need some more pictures, ask me !
  5. Sell my JB 69 (serial number 2379 ..) pickups and neck dated 1969. The sunburst was refined a long time ago apparently.Full frets job done freshly / nut changed at guitar garage in Paris recently (invoice available), excellent playing comfort about 2 / 2.5 mm at the 12 case. Mechanicals in excellent condition but the D as a small shock on his head. Flawless easel. Pickups, electronic plate, knobs, 66's pots,orange capa are all originals. Ashtray, neck PU cover and red interior brown case are not Originals. An extra screw hole on the pickguard (last photo). looking for a sale
  6. Open to offers. Keep in mind it’s a killer bass, the buyer will get a keeper ! The only reason I sell it is that I focus myself now to 4 strings (and already sold my MTD 535 fretless 2 weeks ago).
  7. Bump. Someone is missing a beautifully made KS ! You should jump on it !
  8. As I’m on my way back to 4 strings basses, I’m selling the last 5 in my possession and what a bass ! VERY VERY nice JCR made by the renowned Spanish luthier in 2013. It’s a little bit heavy : 4.4kg but well spent and entirely dedicated to the general sound quality. This bass has a precise, fat and clear sound identity (maybe as a Fodera is supposed to have). Ash body wings, olive tonebloc, 35’inch set neck made of 7 parts of maple, etimoe and wengue. Headstock and table made of Redwood. Beautiful maple fingerboard with mother-of-pearl markers, 2 Delano JSCB HE pickups, 3 band Mike Pope preamp (it sounds really good but too much buttons for me as I become lazy ;-). The action can be set very low. A Fender case in good cosmetic condition but a broken clasp will come with the bass. FOR SALE ONLY -SHIPPING IS INCLUDED. A first class bass ! A keeper ... But for a 5 string player 😉
  9. Ahaha ! thanks Charly, you saved my life 🤩
  10. Seen it in real, such a beautiful Ken Smith ! In mint condition. This cocobolo figured top is deeply dark and looks like an ebony top with a great grain. Someone will get a great piece of KS !
  11. Great bass, it deserves more comments !
  12. I sell or trade this splendid Fodera Matt Garrison 5 strings. Ash body, redwood burl table, alder toneblock, driver's neck, rosewood rosewood fingerboard. Delivered in custom cases with maintenance invoice. The low revision fate of Franck Cheval (luthier of Cabr el and Johnny Hallyday among others!). Exchange; bass 5 or 6 strings of equal or lesser value but with financial compensation. New value; more than $ 13,000 ... Original quote provided on request ... Fbass, MTD, Spector, Ken smith are welcome !! other bass ?! propose !! the price of 7500 £ includes shipping costs to ship worldwide ... a little help from my bass friend 😬
  13. Open to lower budget bass + cash my way, you can propose ! Trade option : a fretted or fretless Fender jazz 4 (vintage or cs).
  14. Big up for a great fretless ! No 4 strings nor fretless available ???
  15. A very rare fretless MTD bass with one of the best tone I’ve ever played - I’m looking for a fretless 4 strings (or fretted but fretless is my king choice) and that’s the only reason why I’m putting this jewel for sale or trade.
  16. It dates from 2003. Apart from a small shot on the edge (picture with my thumb) it is in an EXCEPTIONAL and MAGNIFICENT state. Wenge neck, ebony fingerboard, 21 ghosts frets, Korina body, maple burl maple top and matching headstock, ebony truss road cover matching neck board, the bridge installed is an hipshot A. So many options that push up the base price of the new instrument ($ 5,200) 1st impro with everything flat and neck pickup (Keep in mind this is an iPhone recording) 2nd impro, everything flat, bridge pickup Wenge neck $ 500 Ebony board $ 200 Lined fretless $ 200 Hipshot A $ 100 Korina body $ 300 10 Top (table) $ 800-1500 Matching peg head $ 100 Matching truss road (board) $ 50 ... at $ 7450 minimum ($ the table is a price range, I took the lowest estimate) The original slice dots placed between the frets have been moved under the fret lines for info (more convenient). I do not have the original flight case, it still comes with a good quality flight case and key allen and for the truss road. I strongly favor a sale but remains open to exchange proposals for a 4 (fretless is better) or a 6 strings (fretted is better) only. Small precision: I hate the sunburst and I am difficult. I specify that the price is set at 2900 £ (3300€) if sale. For an exchange, we share on the price of 3300£ (3800€) as indicated. TRADE FOR A FENDER JAZZ 4 FRETLESS OR FRETTED VINTAGE OR CS ! I’m located in Paris, France (yellow Jackets) Ex owner is Jesus Rico Perez, BC members and wonderful bass player and composer, Hi Jesus !
  17. You’re a great player too !! Even better ! Great bass by the way.
  18. THIS is for you my friend 😉
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