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Sold - Zon Legacy Elite 5
Timisoara, Romania

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I received this bass as a trade and I was (and I still am) amazed how good can be. I wanted to keep it, but, unfortunately, it's the only one of my basses with a narrow string spacing at the bridge (17 mm) and I prefer 19-20 mm. A little confusing when moving from one to another...

It has some traces of use, but considering its age (made in 90s), I think it's not a catastrophe :D Also, (I think)  has a midi pickup in the past, so you can see the places when the screws were mounted. The holes were filled, but not in a very professional way.


The bass has two "facelifts", made after I received it:

1. New side dots, much more visible. BIG difference in a dark environmental. The original ones remained only for the second octave (frets 23-24), so you can see the difference in one of the photos.

2. The back of the neck has a satin finish now, much better (in my opinion) than glossy. Not refinished, only "treated" with steel wool.


Specs (all explanations for the unusual terms can be found on Zon's web site):

Mahogany body with bookmatched Koa top. I'm not sure about "mahogany body". I received the bass with this specification, but the grain and the colour tell me it can be ash (please see the last picture)

Composite set-neck, no truss rod

Phenowood fingerboard

24 silver/nickel frets in very good condition (slightly marked)

Graphite nut

Dunlop Straplok Dual Design strap pins

Schaller tuners

Schaller 3D bridge

Dual coils Zon/Bartolini pickups. The pickups setup system is similar to Alembic, so there is no lack of screws.

Zon/Polyfusion ZP-2 preamp - 9V

Controls: Volume, Blend, Bass, Treble. The mids "pot" is inside, on the electronic board (can be seen in a picture)


4.2 Kg

17 mm string spacing at the bridge (can be adjusted)

9 mm string spacing at the nut (46 mm nut width)


I'll send the bass through DPD and I prefer the bank transfer payment. Only in Euro and only for EU, please (sorry!!! 😥)

The price is firm, 2100 Euro, and the shipping is not included, but you'll receive a new set of LaBella Super Steps strings, stainless steel, exposed cores (045-065-085-105-128).

No trades for the moment, please!

I can send more detailed pictures on demand. Please excuse these photos, you know it's hard to photograph a glossy bass like this. ...and I think was not a good idea to make pictures in nature.














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57 minutes ago, itu said:

The best looking top I've ever seen on a Legacy Elite.

Yes, it's beautiful. But it's my garden reflection on it too. So you can see how hard-working I am 😎

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