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  1. 23 minutes ago, spongebob said:

    Hi BC'ers!

    I've been out of the bass loop for around 18 months. 

    I essentially grew tired of my own playing, the band I was in, just everything, really.....I really needed a break from it, so sold pretty much all my gear through the site here. No regrets. 

    I've kept a look in occasionally, but obviously with COVID, all I've been doing is working 6 days a week, with no real interest in the bass world.

    However, of late, I've begun to look here on a daily basis.....browsing Bass Direct.....just getting a bit of a bug to play again. I'd done about 25-odd years before I stopped. An old drumming pal contacted me about some possible recording.

    Spotted a couple of items, the GAS has kicked in a little - I'd really like to almost start over, and really look at scales, technique, etc., which I never really bothered with before. Change my tone.

    My only problem that's holding me back is my own reservation - ie, the chances of playing out again post-COVID. Opportunities around here were drying up long before I stopped (part of my reason), and I couldn't face being just a home player. I've no interest in playing covers in pubs, either (done that xxxx times over). Not making this easy, am I?! Originals I love doing.

    Clearly, getting back in takes some cash, fine, but I'd want a decent bass - can't face anything less, as I'd only be selling it to upgrade weeks later!

    Apologies for the rambling post....I guess I'm just sounding out loud for some validation, and some ideas of what's possible looking forward. I feel I'm ready to start over, just a little hesitant that I'll end up back where I was before. 

    I completely understand where you're coming from and, apart from not selling all my equipment (I've kept my one bass and my pedals but all my amplification is gone), it could have been me writing this - I think I've played maybe 6 times since March 2020.


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  2. On 21/01/2021 at 10:54, Sibob said:

    Hi all,

    Bit of a long-shot this, but does anyone have any experience comparing Trickfish and Barefaced cabs?
    Specifically (but not exclusively, all thoughts welcome), their various 12" cab options in a gig setting.

    Many thanks

    Would it be possible for you to go to the bass gallery and A/B test them at volume?

    I’ve had and gigged two Trickfish TF112 cabinets and I liked the sound a lot but I sold them because they were too heavy for me at 36lbs.

  3. Really happy to read a nice story about a courier.

    I think couriers are largely as good as one another overall. For every negative about DPD, FedEx, Royal Mail, Hermes, there will be loads of positives that nobody talks about.

    Despite all the horror stories, I used Hermes for well over 70 packages in November/December and had 1 problem out of all of them. I sent maybe 10 through Real Mail and had 2 problems.

    I don't blame anyone - its just the way it goes :D

  4. 8 hours ago, Leftfret said:

    After hunting high and low for a dedicated bass power amp - and almost buying one of the Hellborg or SWR monsters that Thomann were 'dumping' - stumbled over GSS on the Internet!

    Didier couldn't be more helpful and the Baby Sumo is fantastic!

    Does exactly what it says on the tin - transparent sound - paired it with a Lehle Basswitch IQ DI (sadly discontinued) into a single 15" and couldn't be more pleased.

    (just need to sell one - or both - of my MarkBass heads to pay for it - see Basschat ad!)

    So no preamp?

  5. Just now, BigRedX said:

    Are you sure?

    Never watch anything on Dave or Yesterday or any of the other UKTV Play channels?

    I don't watch Dave, I don't watch Yesterday, I don't watch UKTV Play, I don't visit bbc.co.uk either. I watch Sky Arts, both Eurosport channels and that's more or less it.

    All I'm saying is that I'd prefer not to have to pay for it and would like to see a tiered subscription service introduced perhaps.

  6. Just now, chris_b said:

    I don't have anything to do with the Army and I'm absolutely certain we don't need a nuclear deterrent, let along a totally modernised one, but I'm still paying for those. . . . and don't get me started on how much our Politicians are costing us!!

    IMO the cost of the BBC is insignificant in comparison.

    You're entitled to your opinion as am I.

  7. 44 minutes ago, chris_b said:

    The only problem with that is, as soon as the advertisers are the driving force, the quality of programs takes a serious dive. 

    I have no problem with the licence or the programs the BBC puts out.  Anything that divorces the program makers from commercial considerations is a good thing in my book.

    Is this non-payment a new thing? I always got paid by the BBC, but that was rather a long time ago.

    A subscription service perhaps then? I don't watch anything the BBC put out so I'd prefer not to be forced to pay for it.

  8. 19 hours ago, Newfoundfreedom said:

    I've said it before but I'll say it again.

    The BBC is an utter scumbag organisation from the top to the bottom, and the sooner it's shut down, or at least defunded with public money, the better. 

    I couldn't agree more.

    I'm all for defunding the BBC from public money and letting them either die or do what their competitors have to do and start generating money from advertisting.

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  9. SOLD: Vein-Tap Gallows Multiple x4 True Bypass Looper

    Sold previously but it took a knock sometime during the very lengthy delivery so I’ve got it back, opened it up, reconnected a wire that had come loose, checked everything else internally, tested all functionality/lights, etc. and the pedal is working perfectly again.

    Before and after photographs below.

    For the total tone purist, true bypass loop strips are the only way to go. Now you can go there in style with the Vein-Tap Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper.

    - Loops: x 4

    - Activation: Quiet soft touch (no click)

    This configuration will cost £99.95 new from the lovely Vein-Tap folks.



  10. 37 minutes ago, randythoades said:

    Would an FRFR like the RCF be suitable for upright bass too if I used something like a Tech 21 Q-strip or F-Deck?

    To play live on upright I use an Ashdown ABM 115 combo which feels a bit excessive so I have been thinking about swapping out my cab for a FRFR cab. I also play guitar and already use modelling straight into PA.

    I don't need huge volume as I could split it into PA, just for rehearsing, practice or monitoring.

    Would be good to rationalise all the equipment and use the same speaker for both guitar and upright as needed.

    How about a Barefaced Super Midget? I see a fair few upright bassists pair one of these with an Acoustic Image Clarus amplifier.


  11. 18 hours ago, agedhorse said:

    Perhaps I can help you understand why some designers choose to use a fan?

    Neither of the amps you listed are rated for 2 ohm operation, and neither are rated for as much power (RMS) either.

    When considering cooling strategies, my general goals (and others with similar philosophy) might choose to insure that their products are capable of operating at a higher duty cycle into a lower minimum impedance at higher ambient temperatures (I typically use 105 deg F) than other designers might choose to use. Also, the warranty offered often factor into the decision. The companies I have designed for over the years have offered longer than average, which predisposes me to a more conservative approach.

    I do work hard to minimize fan noise, but a small amount will always be present.

    If a fan bothers you enough, simply choose an amp without a fan and accept those compromises compared with the compromises of using a fan (noise)

    This is very useful - thanks very much for providing. A fan does bother me enough though so I'll go for an Acoustic Image Clarus SL.

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