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  1. Bassist looking for paid work. Functions/Clubs/Pubs/Festivals etc..... Experienced with over 25 album credits. Pro Gear including Alembic/GB Bass Guitars. EBS Amps and cabs. Fast learner. Reads charts. BV's Funk/Rock/Jazz/Soul/Pop
  2. EBS 2x10

    Hi. Looking for EBS (preferably Neo) 2x10's. My back cant handle a 4x10 anymore!
  3. EBS Swap/Deal

    I am looking for a couple of 2x10 Neo cabs. I have a 4x10 Neo and a 1x15 Neo and although these are the lightweight EBS cabs I have developed a back problem which will only get worse over time. So if anybody is interested in some sort of deal/swap please let me know.
  4. Luminlay Markers

    I ordered from Rothko and Frost the white ones as my bass has a dark neck. I still needed to be able to see them in the daylight. Even with a very strong LED light source they did NOT hold a charge for more tham a couple of minutes. Happy with the communication from the company but dissapointed with the product.
  5. Anyone got one of these they would like to move on? Cheers, Jim
  6. Darkglass Super Symmetry comp pedal. Jim
  7. Looking for a Keeley Pro bass compressor. Anyone? Jim
  8. Compressor

    Hi. Looking for a compressor pedal. Jim
  9. Wanted' Aguilar Tlc Compressor. Jim
  10. Radial DI *SOLD*

    Have pm'd you.
  11. Wanted. John East JRetro -01 pre-amp.
  12. Bass found now.Thanks.
  13. Experienced Pro Bass Player /BVs based in Sussex seeking paid work . Looking for Function/Covers band with a professional outlook. Funk/Soul/Rock/Pop. Bass; Alembic 4 string. Gear; EBS cabs. Various foot pedals.
  14. Noise from EBS

    Hi, I have an EBS 350 paired with a Neo 15 cab. I am experiencing an intermittent crackling (On seperate occasions) which seems to be coming from the tweeter. I have used it on two seperate gigs where this has happened.But on a couple of other gigs there has been no problem. I am wondering if this is caused by bad electrics at the venues(pubs) Anbody else have this issue?