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  1. How old are these and do they have a model number? I think there have been several versions? Cheers, C
  2. I have tried flipping them but where you usually have 2 magnets, 1 either side on the back, these have 4, 2 end to end either side. Apart from trial and error, taking the pups out, flipping one magnet at a time and reinstalling I'm at a loss. There has to be a better way?
  3. I popped a second hand set of these into my Geddy Lee Jazz as an experiment but they seem to be out of phase with themselves. The magnets had come away from the rear of the pick ups when I got them and since putting them back certain strings sound hollow. Any one had this problem and how did you fix this? Cheers C
  4. Happy new year everyone! I was playing my Dingwall NG2 5 string the other day and realised the active signal was cutting out when the bass pot was centre notched and would cut in and out with a loud thump when the knob was turned. This model has a Darkglass preamp and has been an absolute joy to play since I got it this Summer. I haven't had the back panel off yet and the batteries (2) have plenty of life in them. Any thoughts lads and lasses?
  5. I'm sure this has been asked before but... I've recently acquired a rather lovely Dingwall NG2 5 string second hand and I spent a fair bit of last night setting it up but, it could do with a new set of strings. Are there alternatives to the Dingwall sets available from Bass Direct, bearing in mind the low B is 37''? Cheers, C
  6. Funnily enough it was a rather loud Folk-Rock gig. Very pleasing and it basically sounded the same as my base tone, but with growl and sustain for days. Very happy.
  7. Geddy Lee and Jon Entwhistle because they sound unlike anyone that went before them.
  8. The cursed GAS got me this morning and I've just ordered a Darkglass Duality Fuzz from Thomann. If it's half as good as I'm led to believe, I'll be a very happy camper and the Suffolk Folk-Rock scene is about to get rather noisy?
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