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  1. I'm sure this has been asked before but... I've recently acquired a rather lovely Dingwall NG2 5 string second hand and I spent a fair bit of last night setting it up but, it could do with a new set of strings. Are there alternatives to the Dingwall sets available from Bass Direct, bearing in mind the low B is 37''? Cheers, C
  2. Funnily enough it was a rather loud Folk-Rock gig. Very pleasing and it basically sounded the same as my base tone, but with growl and sustain for days. Very happy.
  3. I got to use it in anger on Saturday and wow!
  4. Geddy Lee and Jon Entwhistle because they sound unlike anyone that went before them.
  5. The cursed GAS got me this morning and I've just ordered a Darkglass Duality Fuzz from Thomann. If it's half as good as I'm led to believe, I'll be a very happy camper and the Suffolk Folk-Rock scene is about to get rather noisy?
  6. Hmm! Must be I sold the 6 string bass I bought them for, on here a couple of years ago.
  7. I'm on a bit of a journey with extended range basses and getting the best compromise between feel, tone and cost for strings. I think this Bass Collection 325 came with DR Sunbeams on, so maybe I've been a bit spoiled for the last year or so ( they only recently started to sound slightly off)? Sunbeams are quite pricey compared to the competition and I had the Swing Bass 6 string set from my previous foray into the world of 4th down/4th upness, so used them, the Warwick Reds were bought as a backup fortunately. Going slightly off topic, what else should I be considering? I've been very happy with DR strings (Blues) on guitar and currently have Roto Bass on the 4 string Jazzbass.
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