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  1. Hmm! Must be I sold the 6 string bass I bought them for, on here a couple of years ago.
  2. I'm on a bit of a journey with extended range basses and getting the best compromise between feel, tone and cost for strings. I think this Bass Collection 325 came with DR Sunbeams on, so maybe I've been a bit spoiled for the last year or so ( they only recently started to sound slightly off)? Sunbeams are quite pricey compared to the competition and I had the Swing Bass 6 string set from my previous foray into the world of 4th down/4th upness, so used them, the Warwick Reds were bought as a backup fortunately. Going slightly off topic, what else should I be considering? I've been very happy with DR strings (Blues) on guitar and currently have Roto Bass on the 4 string Jazzbass.
  3. No use to me as I no longer have a 6 string bass. If anyone wants a Stainless Steel 025 gauge let me know and I'll pop it in the post to you? Cheers, C
  4. Probably could trim the silk away I guess? I was just a bit disappointed 🙁 I've used Rotosound Swing Bass and Roto Bass strings on and off for years and not had problem with sets on a 4 string. I've been enjoying gigging this NGC Nanyo SB325 for the last 14 months (Thanks GreenKing) and thought oops! definitely time for a string change. I've popped a spare Warwick Red Nickel on for now.
  5. Has anyone else had this problem with Rotosound Swing Bass 665 sets? Silk wrap comes up too far on low b.
  6. Pictures as promised: It sounds great, is loud, not especially big and certainly not heavy ( Dimensions: 58.4 x 36.8 x 48.2 cm; Weight: 17.6 kg). It has served me well for the last 5 years or so, but I just need something more compact. It has a few scars and dings, which I've tried to show. It comes with a fitted GK cover and a kettle lead I'm based in North East London, but spend a fair amount of time in Watford, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk too. £450 inc delivery is what I'm looking for.Happy to meet up up, deliver within reasonable distance and answer any questions. Cheers, C
  7. I've tracked down a GK MB 500 Fusion so will be looking to move this combo on to make room for the Barefaced Super Compact that's on the way. How does £450 sound?
  8. Downsizing and I've got a Barefaced Compact on the way. So, I'm looking to trade my trusty Gallien Krueger MB 210 II combo with neodymium speakers for a similar compact head, MB series or similar. Condition is not immaculate a few scrapes and chips through the black finish around the bottom of the cab and a slight ding to the back panel, but it works perfectly. Comes with GK cover kettle lead etc... Pics to follow. Any interest? Was £395 now £350
  9. Thanks for all the input. I bit the bullet and ordered a Barefaced Super Compact, now I need to source the head. Just missed Funkles MB 500 Fusion on here so, on with the search. Cheers C
  10. Oh, I should have said, the stages I'm playing will have FOH and whatever I use will be DI'd at all but the smallest venues... The thing I like about the GK amps I've used is the lower mids that define the tone and give it a bit more of a vocal quality, especially with Jazzbass style instruments
  11. Hi, I need some recommendations and BC wisdom please. I'm gearing up to some medium sized outdoor festival gigs this Summer/Autumn and I'm considering chopping-in my trusty Gallien-Krueger MB210 combo for something more compact, but, without losing the GK sound and performance that I'm really happy with. I'm thinking that a class D head and a nice, light super-cab is probably the way to go? Are there any real benefits to going down this route bearing in mind that, apart from the bulkiness, the GK MB210 has been great so far (5 years). So far, in my sights are a GK MB500 or MB500 Fusion for the head and maybe going down the Barefaced rabbit hole and ordering a super compact or super midget 12, or, a 210. Real-world experience of 12 vs 210 guidance would be great ladies and gentlemen... help! Cheers, C
  12. I live in London but, funnily enough have family in Milnthorpe pretty close to Kendal. I'm very keen to take a punt. Can you pm me? Cheers C
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