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  1. I have not actually tried one of these, and it might be larger than you are looking for, but have you thought about the Barefaced Machinist? https://barefacedaudio.com/products/machinist
  2. Sorry to hear that, best of luck for a full recovery. GLWTS.
  3. I have an iAmp 550 Micro, the little brother of the Doubler, and it is a fantastic amp. This is an awful lot of amp for the money. GLWTS.
  4. I have a black one of these, I bought it originally to practice on holiday (back when holidays were a thing) but was pleasantly surprised to find that it can be used for much more. The Aquila strings are a significant improvement over the originals. GLWTS.
  5. I have been using Status HotWire half-wounds on my Manne Acustibass for many years and am happy with the result. The bass is fretless with a "tone chamber" and has both magnetic and a piezo pickup. With roundwounds the magnetic pickup works well but the piezo less so. With flatwounds the reverse was true. With halfwounds I am able to use both pickups individually or blended and have usable tones across the full range. I also tried them on a Fender Jazz fretless and found them to work well there too.
  6. The Barracuda Custom came in a glossy black finish with LEDs and used 3x9v batteries; I assume 9v for the active circuit, 18v for the LEDs. This is a (lovely) natural finish Barracuda with a 9v active EQ, no LEDs. GLWTS.
  7. No worries. The only sites I have used for hosting photos are Google Photos and Dropbox, I know there are others but I don't have any direct experience with them.
  8. Sorry Kees_SoS, but I had a pretty serious problem with your photobucket link: earlier on today I clicked on the photobucket link to view these photos on my mobile phone. Less than one second after clicking this link I received an SMS telling me my subscription to "TIME TO GAME" was activated and giving me links and a number to call. I called my mobile provider and deactivated the subscription, blocked all future subscriptions, and reimbursed the EUR 5 that TIME TO GAME had already taken. Not how I wanted to start my day, but no harm done. Looking at the browser history, I see that a fairly elaborate chain of requests follows my click: the following sites/domains are involved: photobucket, trackmyad.biz, timetogame.mobi, simpotica.com, smartoffer.site, trackmedia101.com. I suspect that the trigger was one of the adverts on photobucket. @Kees_SoS, please could you upload the images directly or use a different hosting service? Cheers, Paul
  9. Happy owner of a Manne Acustibass here, Andrea Ballarin and co. make fantastic instruments.
  10. pslh

    Feedback for PSLH

    Thanks Graham. Paul
  11. pslh

    Feedback for grelum

    I bought a Status Series II fretless bass (#83) from Graham a few days ago without the slightest hint of a problem. It was a pleasure doing business with Graham, he is friendly, honest and super helpful. It took us a little while to sort out the details of shipping from the UK to Italy, but Graham was very patient and helpful throughout the process. The bass was very well packed with a great deal of care and attention and arrived in the exact same condition as advertised. Thanks Graham. Paul
  12. The photos and your sig refer to a fretless SII (number 83), did you mean fretless? [quote name='grelum' timestamp='1469541002' post='3099179'] Also thinking about selling my Status Series II (number 83) 4 string fretted. [...] [/quote]
  13. I have a Gen 3 Super Midget with silver cloth grill (<10kg) and a Roqsolid bag to keep it in. Recently I walked to the railway station with the cab in its bag on one shoulder and a bass in a gigbag in the other hand - ten minutes there, another ten-fifteeen minutes walk in Milan to the shop and the return journey with a new EA iAmp Micro in the bag pocket. I would not necessarily want to make a habit of it, but it is certainly doable. It would have been unthinkable to do even part of that journey with my old (pre-Fender, > 21kg) SWR workingman's 12. The construction quality seems first-class, I really can't fault it. Sound-wise the cab is clear and transparent without being harsh, reproduces the low-B with confidence and without losing definition. I play a six-string fretless Manne Acustibass which can make traditional electric fretless noises as well as some more acoustic double-bass-esque tones: the cab is quite happy reproducing all these sounds (and my errors) without any sign of colouring. I tried a number of other amps in the shop, including an impressively loud Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 and a Taurus BL 450 with very pronounced lows and highs. While these sounds were not what I was looking for, the cab was quite capable of dealing with whatever was thrown at it and I am sure would suit many different playing styles. I have only used it at one gig and one rehearsal so far but combined with the EA micro it certainly seems to be more than loud enough for my current needs. If I do ever need more volume, I will consider adding a Super Compact.
  14. pslh

    Around 1k????

    I recently tried a few amp heads with my Barefaced Super Midget and ended up buying an Euphonic Audio iAmp Micro. I should say however that I was looking for a very 'transparent' amp that would faithfully reproduce the sound of my fretless six-string Manne Acustibass for jazz gigs. I think you'll be hard pushed to beat this combination for size and weight: together amp and cab weigh less than 11kg, and I am very happy with the tone but it may or may not meet your needs. I was really very, very impressed by the Aguilar Tone Hammer 500; very usable tone (although not exactly transparent) and ground-shakingly loud. I highly recommend trying one of these. I also tried a Taurus BL 450 which had a rather pronounced voice of its own; not at all what I was looking for but I can imagine this going down rather well in a rock-oriented context. I would also mention Carvin; I did not get on with tone of the B1000 I tried but it is obviously a very well made piece of kit. The Carvin BX700 might also be worth a try. Regarding cabs, I am very happy with my Barefaced Super Midget and would suggest you look at the rest of their product range but if (as JTUK suggests) you need a 2x12 or two 1x12s then this would stretch your budget considerably. I quite liked the sound of the Aguilar GS 112 I tried (a while ago) but they are not what I call light. The other "name brand" lightweight 1x12 cabs I was able to try all left me really rather disappointed.
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