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  1. Possibly stupid question. Does arrange own courier mean that the seller is always willing to pack the instrument. I'm not missing or assuming something am I? Theres no packing courier service I've been unaware off. 

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    2. Hobbayne


      I think all this started when it became known that certain couriers (Parcelfarce) etc, did not cover musical instruments on the insurance.

      If people wanted to buy something, then the seller would pack it all up and then its up to the buyer to arrange his own courier.

      If it goes missing, the seller doesnt have to prove a thing.

      I dont recall "Arrange Own Courier" ads before this revelation.


    3. TheGreek


      I don't get this...don't do half a job...if you're going to pack an item you might just as well spend 10 minutes booking a courier online. Let people think that you actual care about the item and your reputation on this forum.

    4. itsmedunc


      I've had items go "missing" and even with proof of delivery, the evidence of such from the courier was not enough and consequently I've lost out. I can't see what is wrong with any ad that says arrange your own courier? If someone can't collect and they choose the alternative, surely that's their choice? They surely must understand any risks involved? If a buyer isn't willing to take the risk then why should the seller? I've only ever seen one ad on here that says collection is not possible. Sometimes items are too far away for collection but that's just life. If I sell an item that says arrange your own courier, it is not a cop out. It simply means that collection is preferred but if someone can't collect there is another option that I'm not willing to take the risk with.

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