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  1. I normally use Fender Jazz basses as the neck suits me. Although a few years ago I bought a crafted in Japan Aerodyne Jazz bass with the J pup and P pup and it has the most incredibly thin neck. Worth a look.
  2. Welcome Jay, also in the Scottish Borders!
  3. Hi Andy, welcome to BC from the Scottish Borders!
  4. I also suffer from back and shoulder issues and found my Fender Jazz Basses getting increasingly difficult to use. I took a punt on a guitar for sale on this forum and it worked out great, a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. Much lighter than a conventional Jazz Bass, very fast neck as well. I am more than happy with it. Cheers.
  5. As well as seeing and hearing him on Doremi Fasol Latido!
  6. Hi, bit late in on this one. I have severe back and shoulder issues now and moved from my usual bass, a Fender Jazz Bass to a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. Great bass, crafted in Japan with a very fast neck and best of all it is very light and causes me no problems. I bought it on this very forum. Worth checking one out.
  7. The band I am in rehearse twice a week. We always decide on any new songs at least a week in advance and try and have them ready for the rehearsal. We use Facebook to discuss any new songs etc. Works for us.
  8. Hi there, I would recommend either Mark Bass or a Fender Rumble, but that is due to me having a knackered back! Lol, both great IMHO!
  9. I also have the through neck vintage pro and there is no neck dive. I had a bolt on neck version and it did suffer neck dive. Great rock bass I found but not an all rounder as my Fender Jazz basses are. The Thunderbird is an acquired taste, quite a long neck, slightly offset, pups are great if you get one with the Gibson pups.
  10. I use a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass with the P/J configuration and find it very versatile. I use it in a Rock/Blues covers band as well as a more function orientated band and it suits both fine.
  11. The Lemon Song, Ramble on and Since I've been loving you by Led Zeppelin..................awesome bassist, Mr John Paul Jones.
  12. Hello from another in Scotland.
  13. For me it was a Gibson EB3 I actually bought in the late 70's. I fancied being a bit of a Jack Bruce, but ended up taking it back and got a refund. Neck like a telegraph pole, badly weighted, very heavy and I could not get the tone I wanted out of it. I also had a Ricky but that was soon out the door too!
  14. .Not quite a wall but a portico. Actually part of an abandoned mill in Selkirk. Blues band called 'Medicine Hat', I'm the one kneeling
  15. Just bought a Fender Aerodyne from Skezza a fellow traveller on this board. Very smooth transaction, absolutely no hassles, top man!
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