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  1. Beautiful looking instrument. It replaced my Status as main gigging bass for a while. I love the plasticky smell when you open the case. Always wondered if I should've gone for the 4 instead of the 5.
  2. I've just been watching some of those, since @ped put the solo video up. Some great retro stuff there.
  3. I think I've found the DVD version of the VCR I had...
  4. Wow that's a good find! Thank you! Same bloke, same bass... different solo but very much 'in the style', right down to the bass-wobble at the end! 😁 Right, off to search for Henry Thomas videos... That's such a fine bass sound, isn't it?
  5. Airdrie. If your geography of Scotland isn't so great, it's about 15 minutes to Glasgow, 30 minutes to Edinburgh.
  6. Thanks Dad. Looking forward to getting back into it.
  7. Here's a thing. I partly learned by watching a VCR (yeah I'm old) in about 1991. It had real basic stuff, playing position, fingers, how to... all sorts. Demo'd a few scales, basic lines. He was really careful and clear with his teaching - almost too simple in some ways, but it was for beginners not just bass playing but music in general. Then at the end the teacher/player, black fella, did the most amazing bass solo including slow intro, funky finger lines, decent slap, chords & everything. It was 'wow' for me! Problem is, I lost the video & can't remember anything: bloke's name, video title, nothing... except... I remember his basses! For the lessons, he played a red (Yamaha?) 4-string. For the solo he played the most beautiful natural G&L L2000 (had a cracking sound). Anyone got any ideas on this? I'd love to hear that solo again.
  8. Played for 30 years, self-taught mainly finger style, some pick, not slap (I'm rubbish at it). Prefer rock but will play anything. Played live when I lived in England, covers bands, but only a rock god at home these days! Bit out of touch for a few years. Just here to chat & get back up to speed with bass talk, really. Cheers all Andy
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