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  1. Well that's that sorted. I am now the proud owner of a Geddy Lee Jazz Bass (MIJ) thanks to the very amiable @danpb. Does forum etiquette require me to create new gear day thread?
  2. I've bought a MIJ Geddy Lee Jazz Bass from @danpb. Comms polite and rapid. Easy to meet up with , and he bought me a large coffee too. Buy with confidence.
  3. I am a massive fan of the GT-1000. I find it goes great guns for guitar, and it pretty cool for bass too.
  4. A Westone Thunder Jet. I think that I may have traded it in at Percy Prior in High Wycombe towards a Charvel Model 4.
  5. Thank you all for the advice. I think that a J bass maybe the what I am after. May I say that this bass stuff is becoming way more exciting for me than the weeny 6 six string stuff. I'm looking at basses and doing the upgrades in my head. A high mass bridge hear , a hipshot Xtender there, and an active pre-amp to finish. Thankfully I've already got a source audio EQ2 so I do not believe that I need active stuff onboard. Edit: With the EQ2 not being at the instrument, I appreciate that buffering is not occuring at source.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I currently looking at getting a J bass as I think that they look cool. I think that I want it in a P-J formation. @Bridgehousetold me something about P bass split pickups, and and he is very persuasive. Is it easy enough to stick in split pickups and a new pickguard?
  7. I'm returning to bass guitar after many years away. I thought it would be an easy alternative to lead guitar: it is not, but it may be a lot more fun. I am currently have a Ibanez 5 string (it was very modestly priced), which I bought despite @Bridgehouse's advice to get a P Bass. I am looking at Jazz basses as I have small hands.
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