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  1. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1364733394' post='2030093'] I would say the guys who do setups and minor repairs only (sometimes attached to guitar shops) are guitar techs, not luthiers. [/quote] Ahh thanks.That clears it up.I thought there may be a difference, but not sure
  2. loo-the (as in theo, without the O) er is how i pronounce it
  3. Bought a battery at an inflated price i might add, being Easter, but the good news, is it sounds perfect again. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. Ok thanks for the reply. I would also say it the same as Musky, but i only heard of the word about a month ago
  5. Is a luthier someone who makes and repairs guitars, or just someone that repairs them?
  6. [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1364682640' post='2029707'] Could very well be - especially if you left your lead plugged into it. [/quote] OOPS, i was warned not too leave it plugged in by the person i bought it from, but i forgot.If there is a shop open tomorrow, as it is Easter Sunday, i will change it to see what happens.Hopefully that is all it is, as i really don`t want to spend lots of money having just bought it. Thanks for the reply
  7. I bought a second hand Warwick Fortress Bass.It worked perfectly for 3 weeks.Then it was silent.I have tried 3 different amps.Anyway, it has a pre active amp, so when i pull the knob out, i get sound, but a lot of buzzing from the strings.When i push the knob back in, it is silent.Typically, it has to happen over Easter, when all the music shops around here are closed until Tuesday.Then a thought came to me.Could it be the 9 volt battery that is dead? I have no idea about the Bass , as i have only had it for 3 weeks.I will get a new battery, maybe tomorrow, just to check that.If no one can come up with any suggestions, i will take it to a guitar shop on Tuesday, which looks like it will have to happen anyway Thanks
  8. timmo


    Hello I have a Warwick Fortress Bass. At the moment i have a Marshall amp, but is a guitar amp, so will get a bass amp in due course. I have had a Bass for around 3-4 weeks, with no knowledge of how to play it, or any instrument whatsoever. I took my first lesson about 3 weeks ago, and had my second yesterday.I am currently learning the Pentatonic minor and major scales. the Arpeggios scales, and i am learning to read music.So far i am learning G,A.B,C,F, and E chords.I have a long way to go to call myself a Bass player, but i may make it one day. The reason i took up the Bass ( beside the reason i have always wanted to play some instument), is because i have arthiritis in my hand, so am hoping it will improve the mobility of my fingers.It has improved in the last week or so, so i am hopeful. Oh, i forgot. My favourite Bass players would be John Entwhistle, Flea, and Stuart Zender, Roger Glover, and bruce foxton, amongst others
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