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  1. Hi all. Ive got a old Hartke VX410 that works absoloutely fine but has a dented front grille. Has anyone got any good tips on how to repair the dent so I can refix the name badge. I am DIY level pathetic unfortunately, however I am also a tightwad and dont want to spend any cash if I can help it. Thanks everyone
  2. I was playing my Alpha Omega last night, using my active bass (new battery) and going through my Marshall MB4210 with a Hartke VX410 extension cab wired parallel. The amp made a loud clack or thump noise as I hit a note, then the normal decay of the note took over. Using the bass in to the amp with no Alpha Omega and the problem went away. The problem was replicated if I used the AO through the FX loop or straight into the front of the amp. I tried backing off the gain and cranking the on board compressor but to no avail. Any ideas?
  3. Wow, maybe I'm not quite as much of a dunce at this stuff as I thought. Cheers.
  4. Hi all I've just got myself a Darkglass Alpha Omega and I know it has a DI output and is a preamp pedal. Given that it's the only effect I use, can I now just get a power amp because the pedal shapes the actual tone and I just need something to provide the wattage to drive the cab? If so this might just save my final few vertebrae from warping under the strain of lugging my ole Marshall about. Cheers Gunkbass
  5. my Esh Stinger II in sandblasted black. OOOSH!
  6. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. Dumb typo.
  7. Great guy to deal with. Answered my dumb questions happily. Bass arrived three days after payment packed like a boss. Could recommend him highly enough.
  8. gunkbass


    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=3]Hi Jack. Can I ask a couple of questions please. Firstly is this still available? second, do you know the nut width? Third is the truss rod cover missing as it doesn't appear to be fitted in the photo (unless its my eyesight).thanks for taking the time to answer. [/size][/font]
  9. I love the sound and look of both these guitars and am a massive fan of Justin Chancellor, Tim Commerford, and Billy Gould. Unfortunately I don't have a hedge fund manager or rock stars wallet. Anyone got any suggestions for an affordable alternative with that mid range growl and visual impact.
  10. Guys, so many good replys and so quick. thanks to you all. I just wanted a bit more growl and bite to my sound and thought new pups would warrant new controls. Also the bridge string height adjuster screws are knackerd as a " mate" tried to adjust them with a screwdriver (a lesson learnt. Never trust a mate with your loved ones). The squier was my goto bass throughout my grunge and grebo days in the 90's and its the one im playing in my profile pic (i'm the middle figure) I have considerable attachment to the thing which is inversely proportional to its actual value. You know I may have come to a conclussion here. Heart over head every time, after all i,m a musician and thats a subjective art.
  11. I am thinking of getting one of the Mexican Standard Jazz Basses, biut there a bit of me that thinks it might be more cost effective to put SD qp's on my old Squier jazz, put in new tone circuits and fit a badass bridge. The squier is a cheap Korean late 80's early 90's thing but I love it and the neck feels like coming home. Irrational but true.
  12. I'm thinking of getting an sr500 or 600 i know the 6 is dearer but is it worth the extra?
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