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Alpha Omega glitch

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I was playing my Alpha Omega last night, using my active bass (new battery) and going through my Marshall MB4210 with a Hartke VX410 extension cab wired parallel.  The amp made a loud clack or thump noise as I hit a note, then the normal decay of the note took over.  Using the bass in to the amp with no Alpha Omega and the problem went away.  The problem was replicated if I used the AO through the FX loop or straight into the front of the amp.  I tried backing off the gain and cranking the on board compressor but to no avail.  Any ideas?

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Sorry can’t be of any help on this. I’ve only just brought one and unfortunately not had the opportunity to take it out the house and wind it up properly yet. 

What are your rough settings? Was the problem still there with the blend control fully open/shut ? 

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