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  1. Firstly I want to apologise to those Basschatters who made enquiries about this amp after I'd, previously, withdrawn it from sale. They asked to be notified if the amp came up for sale again. Unfortunately I can't do that because since the Basschat site has been updated I have lost the message history of these enquiries. The first enquiry was from a Basschatter in Wilmslow who intimated that he could collect the amp, so if you are reading this and you still want to buy it I think it is fair to give you first choice. All other enquiries would have required postage which is difficult to do as I don't have the original packaging. However, subject to me finding a suitable sturdy box to pack it in, and cost being covered by the buyer, I would be willing to do that. Thanks.
  2. Sold...Squier Bronco short scale now £130

    Thanks for that Marc S. I'm surprised that there has been no interest at all. The added La Bella strings and the Fender gig bag make the bass good value for money.
  3. Short scale: cheap vintage vs cheap modern

    A Squier Bronco for sale here. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/313973-squier-bronco-short-scale-further-price-drop-to-l120/
  4. Sold...Squier Bronco short scale now £130

    One more bump.
  5. Sold...Squier Bronco short scale now £130

    Price drop to £130
  6. Sold...Squier Bronco short scale now £130

    Is there anyone interested in this bass? virtually new strings and gig bag.
  7. Sold...Squier Bronco short scale now £130

    Price drop to £135
  8. I got this Bronco just about this time last year. My thinking was that if I liked it I could mod it a bit. The first things I had to do was change the strings. to La Bella flats, and purchase a new Fender gig bag for it. The bass sounded much better with the new strings and it's very comfortable to play. Having said that the bass has had very little use as I've realised I prefer a 34" scale so there is no point in hanging on to it. The bass is in good condition, is set up quite well and sounds decent. To buy these new would be approx £168, La Bella strings are now £40 delivered and a Fender gig bag would cost £25 so around £233 in total. [attachment=256090:DSC_0172.JPG][attachment=256091:DSC_0176.JPG][attachment=256092:DSC_0178.JPG]
  9. Price drop Canon Ixus 75. £20 inc del (New item added)

    Price drop bump