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  1. Both equipped with J-Retro Deluxe. I couldn't stand a bass with pickup switching. A Jazz Bass has always blendable pickups. Always! No - not the serial mode; I didn't like the mismatch in volume when switching. Don't miss it...
  2. Nothing is for "free", unless the Chinese steal it and copy it... I've been playing Dingwall basses the last three years or so, but really missed the 37" scale in traditional shape. My primary gigging bass now is a SJ5, but I'd really like a fully grown ditto.
  3. Payson Clarke who makes strings for fan fret instrument is making fan fret instruments... https://bassmagazine.com/gear/payson-basses-releases-the-new-fanned-supercharger-series
  4. Well, how could I ever think about selling THIS BASS??? It stays! Yep! My missus also forbids me to sell it.
  5. Thanx for all input! I'll make a try on my new old MPU bass.
  6. Anyone with experience in using contact core strings on a bass with piezo bridge saddles? Will it work , or do ordinary wound strings work better?
  7. What power amp? Class D? They say "Class A/B power supply", but not a word about the power amp. It looks good anyway. What is your opinion about the somewhat unorthodox eq section? Two bands and contour...
  8. My new rock/blues rig: Fender Bassman 100T with home cooked "Fenderized" Hughes & Kettner QS 810 PRO...
  9. I want my H&K-cab to match my Fender Bassman 100T visually too, Not just tone wise. Some handicraft then... Here is the steel grille with the Fender grille cloth glued on... When the glue has hardened, I'll fold and glue the edges. When I was doing the grille job, I also took the chance to make the 100000 miles service. The tower bar was a bit loose, so I took out one of the woofers and tighteted the screws from the inside. All the woofer's screws got tightened too. That was NEEDED! Then I tightened everything else: the screws for the handles, corners, slid rails etc.BTW, here you can see all eight whizzer cones clearly "whizzer cones"... Pictures come with the matching couple.
  10. It ain't that heavy after all... I got my Spartan and Acoustic Image for "those kind of gigs"...
  11. My aim is to get a rig for our blues/rock act that is kind of "photogenique". More classic.
  12. Tell me more...! What is the string spacing at bridge? Does it have an adjustable truss rod? Will the 33" scale produce a solid, nice, firm low B? If so - would you ship to Sweden? //Roger
  13. Two weeks ago I traded a pedal for a fantastic rock cabinet, a Hughes & Kettner QS 810 PRO. That thing is a real tower of power: 1800 Watts and 4 ohms, eight 10" neodymium whizzer cone speakers in a seriously ported cab, so no Ampeg knock-off. One like this: This Friday I laid my hands on a beautiful second hand Fender Bassman 100T. The thought was to mate them two. I had my doubts at first, that the amp would be too weak, but no. No no no! This setup really pushes a lot of air with a tone to die/kill for. Creamy, gooey, just down right nice! Sits in the band's mix like a mountain! The Bassman 100T is a very smart amp, with a feature its big brother the Super Bassman lacks: you can run it without speaker for silent recording! Here are some very nice features: - switchable power: 100 Watts, 25 Watts and 25 Watts silent into the internal power soak, - DI can be tapped afterthe power amp, sending all the gooey stuff to mixer, - switchable 2, 4 or 8 ohms, - Auto BIAS that activates at start-up, - you can set the BIAS from Cool via Normal to Warm in a few steps, - two channels: classic Bassman and modern with overdrive, foot switchable, The tone is classic Bassman with a lot of bottom and body. The overdrive channel works best with a tweeterless cab. It sounded silly with my AccuGroove TRI112L and kind of harsh with my TKS 2126 cabs, so no hi tech cabs for this guy. The amp's front end is very responsive, and reacts to playing dynamics in a nice way. Not with explosions in volume, but rather in wooly creaminess when diggin' in, making the power tubes glow hot. I find this setup very nice for our blues/rock act. Maybe not for gigs in the sacred room, jazz or more unplugged kind of stuff. I ordered some Fender grille cloth that I'm going to spray glue on the metal grille on the H&K cab to make them match. When that is done, I'll post a pic... And - it smells nice...
  14. The weight of the bass is approx. 4.5 kg (a tad under 10 lbs) according to my wife's (Not mine!!!) bathroom scales. Since the bass has very good balance, it feels much, much lighter. I had a major back surgery some years ago, and this bass has never given me any problems. Weight is something I am VERY picky about...
  15. Well, I sold Master's Sklar bass. (But it was more or less mine, after all...) [/url]
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