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  1. No, he is a mixed match. Norwegian forest cat and Birma. The kindest, nicest and sweetest animal I've ever known. My wife, who is deacon, calls him the litte deacon. He loves small children. He loves water(!). A very, very empathic charachter...
  2. Here is a side-by-side comparison between the Davidson bass and my old Jazz Bass (NO! This one is NOT for sale!) lying on two of my wife's worn out yoga mats: Lo and behold! The Jazz Bass is bigger, or maybe mor correct: taller...
  3. Calling my missus a monster...? Shame on you! 😁😁😁 Anyway, this bass is fantastic. I love it every time I pick it up.
  4. 6'2" in the morning. Shorter in the evening. I haven't compared this bass to a Fender, but my Dingwall Voodoo is shorter over all than a Fender Precision; I think this one is about the same size. I keep it in an ordinary gigbag,
  5. Socks with shoes, but sandals just to go out and take the pictures for you guys...
  6. Here are some pictures. I appologise for the rather MANIC stare/glare/glance in the fourth picture. I ain't that dangerous. Don't laugh at my milkwhite legs and Birkenstocks!!! Not that bad, the bass, eh...?
  7. I'll get the missus to take a picture... ; Coming soon!
  8. Frankly, I don't really know how he made it, but I've never had to intonate the bass; it just works... Gunnar Davidsson said it is adapted for D'Addario string, but I've never used these. I have Foderas on, and it just works...
  9. I'd say it is a neck through, even if it does't show at the body end. The body is chambered, and I haven't had a peek inside, to be honest. The preamp is the two band EMG with cut/boost on bass and treble.
  10. Ding: Extra hole and small ding: Action adjustment: The ingenious bridge: The pup:
  11. I sell a very odd bass, a prototype made quite many years ago by the Swedish luthier/bassist Gunnar Davidsson. This was his first bass, so it has some mileage; the neck is nice and smooth with no dings, the body has some but not visible from "the audiences side". The bass is oiled - hard oiled, if you got my point. It almost feels like laquer. (Liberon finishing oil) The body is chambered and feels really big on your body, in a nice way. Maple neck thru, alder body wings and maple top. All contrasting wood is from an old chunk of bubinga. The neck profile is slim and comfortable, the machines smooth. Truss rod works flawlessly. uses a 5 mm allen key. (Not included!) The scale is somewhat unorthodox: 36.2", making this bass really sing... The bridge then... The bridge is nothing short of genious. You cannot intonate the bass, it is built and tweaked for D'Addario strings, says Gunnar Davidsson. The spacing is 17 mm. I've always had Fodera strings on, and they have intonated perfectly!!! The only thing you can adjust is the string height, the action. Now it is set to "as low as possible with as straight neck as possible without buzzing". Kinda like Anthony Jackson... The tone, then... I dare to say this is a six string long scale Stingray coming to tone. Gunnar Davidsson's self made wooden covered Stingray style pickup really makes sense in this bass. EMG two way tone controls are installed, so no passive options, even if I think it would be possible if you take the guts out... Delivered with a used but good set of extra Fodera strings in older gigbag. Can be shipped on buyers expense. More pic's in PM to serious buyers. No trades, please!
  12. This is my other Dingwall to sell: my beautiful Sklar, that has served me so well. I find I use my Super J5 and my four strings Super J and Super P most of the time nowadays, in our more bluesy acts. Anyway, the bass is in very nice condition, I think I dare to say as new... You all know what it is, so I wont bore you with a lot of tech stuff. The only thing to say is that the colour is a pain in the *ss to get right with a camera. My friend Simba the Cat made a serious quality check in the sunshine two years ago; I'd say the colour is more right in the indoors picture, but still not exactly right. Delivered in original gig bag with tools and new spare strings. Serious buyers can get close up pictures in private message. Can be shipped on buyer's expense. Very good condition! (Did I say that?) No trades, please!
  13. I sell two of my five Dingwalls, this is one of them: a super nice Voodoo Prima 6 from 2001 (as it was told to me...) Even if the model is "old" it has many of the features of modern Dingwall basses, like: - dual density body: walnut and alder - heavily quilted maple top and back, and matching headstock - A-tuner on the B-string - three band Bartolini system with three position mid switch, active/passive switching (no passive tone) - Dingwall´s four way pickup switching system - magnet lid over the batteries - wooden covered pickups - wooden knobs matching the body The tone is the best I've heard in any of my Dingwalls, from Jazz Bass-ish bridge via classic bass tones to full out piano-like tones. The bass is delivered in an older original gigbag or a Hiscox case for better shipping protection if wanted. With tools. Very good condition!!! [/url] Serious buyers can have more close-up pictures in private message. Can be shipped on buyer's expense. No trades, please!
  14. Christian is a wizard. He can fix anything. Have a look: https://unicornbass.se/site/wal-pro-1-e-neck-rebuild/ Nice guy too...
  15. A very nice dinosaur bass! Would benefit esthetically from this Hipshot bridge: Also the switching mentioned above... These old basses often get cracked around the jack when clumsy persons step on the cable. A good safety mod would be to install a form fitted plate/grounding piece at the bottom of the controls cavity. Hadn't my dungeons been overly full I'd buy it just for the sake of it...
  16. I am sad to hear you got ripped off... My Super P4 is a fantastic passive bass - P-basses should be passive i.m.o. - but I took out the rather useless two-way tone control and installed a Stellartone Tonestyler. That is the best retrofit for a P-bass ever made. Passive switch from fully open to mega dub roll-off without losing the distinction. No wet blanket, just nice tone. Try that before getting a preamp. BTW... I don't use flats anymore, even if I have a set cut for quick swap on my Super P. The Tonestyler and right playing style can mimic the flats tone rather well, and I prefer rounds seven days a week...
  17. This bass is truly gorgeous... ❤️
  18. My laboratory rig right now:
  19. I had the PJB Double Four, but the preamp SUCKED. I got that "digital feel" from it...
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