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  1. That makes a lot sense. A utility musicman case to house a variety of their basses. Hence why it’s a little more roomy for a four string.
  2. Ah ok. Mine too has a gap of about the same at 17th fret. Probably slides a bit more than a cm. Just wanted to check whether This was normal and that it came with the right case. Thanks both for the replies.
  3. Does anyone own a stingray special 4 and it’s accompanying case? If so could you let me know your experience with the following query please. When the bass is in the case (open) - is there room in the body cavity to move the bass back and forth? I.e. the case moulding is not a tight fit. Would really appreciate people’s experience with this.
  4. I have one of these basses. Absolutely cracking. Lovely even tone across the whole neck. The neck is superb and very stable.
  5. So how come there were no videos demoing this bass at NAMM? I would really like to hear this in action a bit more closely.
  6. Must admit I’m tempted by this and fully admit I’m being seduced by the flea aspect, rightly or wrongly. I’ve had 2 stringrays in the past and they were both of the utmost quality and workmanship. Not sure what it fully was, but I couldn’t quite get on with them. Maybe the neck wasn’t right for me and the tautness produced on the strings. Probably being too picky and I’m sure I will regret it one day. So I’m intrigued whether this jazz bass configuration with a MM pickup will work better for me.
  7. Awesome bass (I used to own one) and this is an absolutely cracking price. Bump on me and someone should snap this up!
  8. Mike bought an Xotic bass off me. We quickly agreed a deal and he paid exactly when he said he would. As a seller this exactly the sort of buyer you want! No fuss and straightforward! But more than it was just a pleasure communicating with Mike. He is a top bloke and like a few other people I've sold a bass too, I will hopefully keep in touch with him. Bass players are the best ;-)
  9. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1507146395' post='3383636'] Should be 42mm I think but may be able to custom order different sizes. [/quote] Apologies only just saw these last two posts. I will double check the nut width tonight.
  10. Lots of great trade offers. The only reason I'm not taking them up AND the reason for selling this bass, is that I'm reducing to a sensible just two basses (also money is definitely a factor). All recent basses sold along with this (3 gone already) were all awesome.
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