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  1. I think Del Boy is flogging this as the address is Peckam 😂
  2. My first big rotosound bass string influence was John Paul Jones, just loved that tone he got with those strings and his Jazz.
  3. JAMF (pronounced jam-f) - (Jive Ass Mutha F****s)
  4. The Kunny Funts (okay perhaps not - lol_
  5. Three's a Trio Three's a Crowd
  6. Jacket Required The Ice Box Jazz Trio (that's a cool name).
  7. [b]S[/b]ome Vocals [b]P[/b]iano [b]U[/b]prights Bass [b]D[/b]rums
  8. The Gate Crashers The No Invites Empty Mag
  9. last go before I break it up as spares or flog on Fleabay
  10. Sunny May day bump.
  11. Will let this go for £25, a bargain to go and see one of the great guitar legends, on the minus side you'll be sat next to me - lol
  12. I did chuckle as it's listed as "Used" probably don't have an abused category
  13. I have a spare ticket for Steve Hackett in Portsmouth on May 8th, location is the downstairs stalls. £30 will post or email ticket along with my contact details.
  14. If i could sell bitsa Jazz I'd take this off you hands in a flash.
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