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  1. Nurse, the screens please.
  2. Not really, I don't want to risk damage. I've had bad experiences in the past, which id rather not repeat..
  3. Thanks for the offer but I struggle playing four strings...
  4. That's sound and understandable, thanks for the interest.
  5. £450 price drop, that's your lot folks...
  6. I had no idea that was the case...
  7. 3, at the moment I never try to go above 4. Never say never though, you know if the right endorser, lottery win came along. I aware a lightning strike is possibly more probable..
  8. Thankyou, I wanted to price it reasonably and fairly.
  9. Hello Bass Brothers and Sisters, Please find for sale this wonderful Sandberg Basic 4, don't let the name fool you, it's anything but.. It growls, is both active and passive and plays like a dream, its been gigged but well looked after serviced Rich Stubbs who's a fine tech in the local area of Stoke where it is currently living. I'm up for a swap to a high quality P with a maple neck, whichever way we trade you will have to come to me as i don't drive, I wont ship and cash is king, sorry but I want it to go to a good home. I realise that sounds daft but its served me well and yes I'm that picky. The original hardware was silver and the pick guard was white, these have all been replaced with Sandberg official parts in black and it looks spot on in my humble opinion.I can dig out the original parts as part of the sale of course, the bass will also come with the hardcase pictured. The pros; it plays superbly and will never let you down, prepare to intimidate the living crap out of your drummer (don't pretend you don't want to) and also has a ridiculously fast neck .. The cons; the battery cover lid is broken, notorious with these I've replaced it twice in the end I gave up and electrical tape does the job just fine. There is also a nail mark above the pick up, strangely shaped like mine and the e off the Sandberg logo is missing (it fell off) I left replacing it as it seemed more rock n roll ..these points however are clearly visible in the photo's Thank you for looking and have an epic day.. You need it.
  10. Yep we use phones, easy quick and low quality maintenance. Reason that riff that such and such played between songs, also if you sound ace on a sh*t phone recording it will sound better when recorded at on higher level equipment. You can still pick out mistakes and that face the drummer just made just fine
  11. Gig at a great venue Route 44 in brum with This Elegant Chaos and Mallen as well as us, we all had fun. Sadly a punter on Facebook felt we were ok but not brilliant, I replayed that we would aim our bar higher next time kind of dampend the night for me tbh. Conner win them all
  12. [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1499833450' post='3333899'] that is great shame we can't read your band's name on the shirt though, kinda defeats the purpose no? A more prominent and simpler font would advertise your band better just my 2 cents worth ymmv imho etc [/quote] It's been the font we've used from day one, feels weird using anything else now. I never dreamed it would end up on Slash tbf..
  13. [quote name='Ashweb' timestamp='1499899126' post='3334451'] Only just found this thread - finger on the pulse, me... Absolutely brilliant, I am made up for you. Have the photo printed out as large as possible and displayed prominently at your next gig, mention your celebrity fan and also the same T Shirts are available for a modest contribution and they'll be flying out the door. Any plans to send any more out? World domination awaits... [/quote] We may put a poster of him on the merch table, why not . I'm happy enough with that tbh,World domination is a pipe dream, even though it would be nice.
  14. [quote name='Grassie' timestamp='1499880159' post='3334298'] A singer in a rock n roll band being an attention seeker? Whatever next? 😂😂😂 [/quote] Haha fair play, I just think he overdosed on it
  15. [quote name='rogerstodge' timestamp='1499274749' post='3330478'] Send me one and I'll wear it at the next dog & duck gig [/quote] Steady on one icon is enough, I don't want to be greedy..
  16. Oasis and Blur were good for something at the time, they made kids pick up instruments and play again and at least keyboards and senseless drivel went out the window in the britpop era. For the record I never liked either and I couldn't help but think Liam's comeback is underwhelming everyone's just in nostalgia mode hoping Noel will show up... As for his attitude, it's all for attention it always has been.He can sing when he's in the mood but try's harder each time to sound like John Lennon, Broken Glass to be fair is quite catchy. Give it six months and if Noel doesn't show it will all be over again.
  17. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1499242621' post='3330156'] It will happen eventually, actually may have happened already to me. But I'm not ready or going to give into the grey hair fedora look yet. Age catches up with all of us eventually. Blue [/quote] I wouldnt be so harsh on yourself there blue, I always video every practice we do, with being an originals band there might be that what's that your playing moment. I used to hunch over a lot and I worked on trying to remove that, I think everyone is there own harshest critic. It's natural
  18. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1499240049' post='3330127'] Nice one Dave, I'd seen it on Facebook, very cool [/quote] Haha yeah I might have mentioned it a few times... Sorry
  19. We also sent him a CD of course but if nothing else comes from it, it's still a win. Still smiling that a logo for the album me and one of our singers designed has been worn by an icon.
  20. I'm 40 but I don't keep still, wireless all the way. I like to have a wander, interact with the punters and have a giggle. Rock, metal bass players in local band mostly just stand at the back. I want to be different and engage with people. Hopefully they have as much fun as I do..
  21. That's the one,he doesn't wear the t shirt for the gig itself. I checked, a lot it's the second time he's worn it so I can die happy ☺
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