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  1. Most copies of the real book are written in treble clef with the chords written in over the bar. The head is usually just the melody so you won't need to read it, just follow the chord chart. jazz can seem a bit intimidating, but you're an experienced player and I always like people who bring a bit of their own personality to jams. Have fun with it.
  2. I've only had my DB a year and my budget was the same a yours. I ended up going to a retailer which was Thwaites in Watford. The advantage of this was I rang them, let them know my budget and when I got there they had several basses for me to try. The internet route is pretty good these days and if you're not happy there is usually an option to send things back but the retailers have good selections and can usually do a decent set up.
  3. Good luck for tonight, I was going to try and get over but not going to make it. Please post again for next month, or PM me, this is definitely my sort of thing.
  4. Well nearly. This will most probably be the last gig I'll do with these guys, they have another one next week but they're using a dep. It's a shame this band a folding I've had a great time the last few years and hopefully I might do stuff with done of these guys on the future. We're going to play near enough everything we've played in the past 4 years so it should be a loud night of Skynyrd, Allman brothers, CCR with a smattering of small faces, Elvis and maybe even a Who number. As usual any basschaters please come up and introduce yourselves. The gig is at the Swan in West Wickham, Bromley. It will be a great night and just after the cup final!
  5. Forgot to post the date...it's tomorrow the 26th of April.
  6. This is the steel horse riders custom bike show. The Golden lion luddlestone Gravesend DA13 0XE Swamps are on at 1.30 for an hour set and 3.30 for another hour. The usual blues, soul and southern rock.
  7. I'm playing on Saturday the 4th at the Swan in West Wickham, South London. It's with the Swamp city shakers, southern rock and blues. All basschaters get a band sticker and a welcome smile, can't say fairer than that!
  8. +1 for Kenny Gradney I might stick on Waiting for Columbus tonight, just as a reminder.
  9. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1426940548' post='2723696'] I'll vote for Kenny Gradney. Consistently one of the best "unknown" players out there. [/quote]
  10. I was in a band a few years ago that played all original material, it was brit pop/mod rock, not my sort of thing at all. However I needed to be in a gigging band at the time. I got on really well with the other members and because of that and that the band was really tight, I grew to like the music. If the music is not doing for you then there has to be some other incentive to be there.
  11. I think there's something to be said for health and meditation in relation to musical study. I haven't been playing DB long but I've already come to realise that you need a bit of physical strength and stamina whilst trying to relax and focus on what you're playing. Il often practice just long notes with the bow, sounds a bit boring but of you focus on the tone it's almost like meditating... I think?
  12. I'm playing with the Swamps on this Friday the 5th down at the nightingale in Sutton. It's the first time we've played this pub so hoping for a good crowd. Any local basschaters who fancy it please come up and say hello.
  13. You can always email Overwater. I have an old 80s Overwater and emailed them about it; very helpful. I know it's one of the Tanglewood models, but they could probably help with the serial number?
  14. Thanks Guys Looks like a bit of practice is probably needed, obviously I'm still finding my way round the instrument but I reckon I'll experiment a bit and see how I go. I think a bit of tasteful slap here or there would probably be more my style but who knows I might get into it.
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