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  1. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    Looks great !
  2. Alpher fretless COMPLETE!!BEAUTY!!!!!

    Will look for upadtes ! Nice project in there mate !
  3. Wow , just saw this thread , great looking bass fella !
  4. Hello Basschat...is this mic on?!?!?!?

    Welcome aboard !
  5. I'm new. Helloooooo!

    Welcome mate ! Enjoy .
  6. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    Lol , you have some nice company in there mate ! Must be the real boss right ! lol
  7. Warwick Dolphin Singlecut mockup

    Great work DiMarco , wonder what it would look like if you extend the upper bout to the 12 th fret .
  8. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    This is so great ! Hope you re not the little fella ! lol , it would be larger than you ! lol j/k
  9. Shuker Uberhorn 5

    Oh ! Great bass mate ! Sorry about the late Congrats ! Thanx for pics , vid & review , gas attack again ... lol
  10. my kristall solid 5 READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanx for the builder s link , any updates fella !
  11. my kristall solid 5 READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow it will be a great looking bass mate !
  12. 31" Singlecut 6 by Tom Marceau

    Nice updates in there mate !
  13. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    [quote name='captainhaddock' timestamp='1384727117' post='2280124'] To be honest mate I don't really know I have a feeling its about 12lbs! will ask Robbie next time I speak to him for the weight. [/quote] Hey thanx buddy ! it looks like a 20 lbs bass ! lol
  14. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    As stated above , it s a monsta mate ! lol What s the weight of it !
  15. Rim Basses Marseer Custom 8 String

    Wholy sh!t ! lol That s some monster bass for sure here fella ! Would like to try a beast like that ! lol