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  1. I want rid to fund a bigger rig. This has never let me down. I've just been using it for rehearsal which it sounds great and loud for the price. Collection only from Hull city centre. I I'll contribute to petrol with in reason. £300. Thanks
  2. Price drop-removed the preamp. £750 I bought this off Wal4string (Ron) about 2 years ago. Great bass with noiseless pickups. Comes with the older 2003 (better made) hard case. I would maybe trade for: -5 string Warwick streamer or jazz -a 2 x 110 bass cabs Epifani/Aguilar/Genz or some sort Thanks
  3. Ampeg svt 3, Aguilar AG500 and Mesa M6 growl and smooth tone which is all round best? Thanks dont know which to buy
  4. Taken me a while to post but I bought the Deluxe jazz bass bass. He posted the bass from Wales to Hull and arrived very well packaged and how he described! Very honest man and trusting. Carl
  5. Trevor Boulder is my next door neighbour,what a successful musician!
  6. I don't own £20,000 of basses, however I do have a 1st in BA Honers Music Performance and a loving girlfriend..who's a model and fashion a designer. Fender USA Deluxe Jazz 5 with basslines pickups Bass Collection 4 string Aguilar 751 Aguilar 410 Ashdown 550 Touring Combo Markbass super synth Reliable BMW 330d with black alloys
  7. Hey dude, I have a 2009 jazz usa deluxe V. would u want a swap? It has adjustable string width to 20mm. Send me a message if your interested. 07581336702 I live in Hull.
  8. Hi, Would you accept £800? I will pay using paypal unless you live local, I'm from sheffield. I got outbid on ebay for 820, and that was in immaculate condition for the same bass. Please reply to my mobile if possible. Carlos 07581336702 Thanks
  9. Hi, how much are you wanting for it? I can only offer cash or paypal! Thankyou, Carlos
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