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  1. Hi Bearfist would you accept £170 if I arrange a UPS collection? best regards Matt. ( Jerrykan )
  2. Does anyone know if this will be able to replicate a Darkglass Alpha Omega pedal?
  3. Hi Patrick would you accept £160? i could arrange collection by UPS best regards Matt
  4. Bump - Reduced to £480 great price for a superb German built amp with a great range of tones.
  5. No problem Richard - but yes the amp has a Speakon connector - just been looking again at reviews of this and it really is a bargain - a first class amp. The speaker alone sold for £575 not long ago on here so this combo is amazing value for money. I'm in Bournemouth if anyone wants to hear it.
  6. Hi Richardd As Pete says above this would work very nicely and you won't get a cleaner example than mine :-) In fact I nearly bought just the cab you're talking about.
  7. Now £500.00 - excellent price for a Made in Germany piece of audio engineering. Here's a link to the Thomann site for exactly the same amp just with a different name. https://www.thomann.de/gb/eich_amplification_bc112_bass_combo.htm?sid=05e0691b500ec3b80f25aac3a8573d2b Save yourself nearly £400 on what is an as new amp with cover and original box. I'll also include carriage by UPS
  8. Tecamp Puma Classic Combo 112 in excellent condition. Included in the sale is a Tecamp cover - unit has never been gigged and only had very light home use - this is truly like new. I bought it from Bass Direct - the current model - now made by Eich is £880.00. Bargain at £550 including UPS delivery to UK address.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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