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  1. Crazy Historical Amp Question!!!

    Wow!!!! So Im not going mad!!! Thanks BassPod!! Ive been doubting myself for a long time. Thats Excellent! I can sleep at nights now. Thanks Chris as well for the similar Amplified Peg info!!!
  2. Crazy Historical Amp Question!!!

    Hey Chris thanks very much for your reply. I didn't mention that I thought I might be getting it mixed up with that Ampeg story on purpose. But as you have just mentioned it in your reply I think it might be wise to say I have made my story up in my head. I think it originated as your Ampeg story above and I have altered it in my mind over time. Thanks a lot for clarifying that for me.
  3. One for the historians! Ok so I vaguely remember reading somewhere that in the earlier part of the 1900's someone made an amp that had a hole in its top. There was an electric upright bass and its end pin fitted in this hole so the bass stood up on its own and there was no need for a lead! I can't find this repeated anywhere! Did I just imagine this and make it up?
  4. Great thanks for doing that ped and thanks for your kind words Geoff! Much appreciated.
  5. My first YouTube video! Bit weird watching yourself but suppose I'll have to get used to it. There should be more coming anyway. [font=Helvetica][size=3][url="https://youtu.be/mIjT9ddu8xU"]https://youtu.be/mIjT9ddu8xU[/url][/size][/font] http://youtu.be/mIjT9ddu8xU
  6. DB bowing technique

    I would agree that a physical teacher is the best way to go overall yeah. That way you get instant feedback about your playing. Myself I learn through lots of different channels via other musicians, online searching, listening to recordings, trial & error, etc, etc..... I do plan to have some lessons in the future at some point as well by a physical teacher.
  7. DB bowing technique

    Hi gapiro Im near the start of Lauren's Thumb Position Course which is Great! Video and sound is Great and the lessons seem well paced with example pdf's to print out when you want. Excellent value for money. Not far off the price of a single lesson with your double bass teacher. You can see a list of what is involved in the course lesson curriculum. There are sample lessons you can watch. If you enrol in a course you get to be part of Facebook study group page where you can ask questions. AND they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't into it. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha! Go for it!!!
  8. New book project

    Yeah I second - [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]A New History of the Double Bass! I happened to see one in a library and picked it up thinking it may be more relevant to classical but found it very informative and interesting. Excellent![/color][/font]
  9. Will a double bass fit in my car?

    Fitted one in a Fiat Ciquencento courtesy car!
  10. Playing with Shirley Bassey on TV!

    Thanks guys. Yeah it was cool getting the call. She's going to be 80 in January and I think she became famous at 19 so she's been doing it for 60 years! Amazing! Hey jazzyvee if you see me on a gig again come and say Hi. I had the recent Midlands Bass Bash in my diary for ages but turned out i couldn't go in the end so I'll have to wait for the next one.
  11. If anyone is stuck for what to watch on TV this Christmas you could always watch me! Ive just been down to London to record a TV program - "David Walliams Celebrates Dame Shirley Bassey" which will be broadcast on Christmas Eve BBC1 at 9pm. We play about 6 or 7 numbers with a 26 piece band. Im at the back on double and electric bass. Ive got no idea whether the camera will pass by me or not but if it does my Mum will be very pleased! Ive just put up a new website as well if anyone is interested. www.mikegreenbass.com
  12. BBC 4. NOW!

    Hey Bassace and Lowdown thanks a lot! Ive only just come across this post now. The Round House Choir were AMAZING! You must be proud Pete. I couldn't believe the immense sound of the full line up live. (Horns, strings, vocals, rhythm section). Very powerful! Anyone spot my solo bass practicing spot in the car park spot right at the start of the program! Ha ha ha! I saw a guy filming but never thought they would use it! I was just as surprised as everyone else when it came on TV. Ha ha ha! Anyway amazing experience!
  13. MIJ DB?

    Yeah Ive got a Jay Haide. Designed in California and made in China. Excellent bass! When I bought a new bass I fully intended to buy an old bass but this was one of the few basses I tried that spoke out to me.
  14. DPA 4099 D; Vote Question

    Hi lowlandtrees Yes definitely, Better to buy it that way round. Great mics. In my experience sound engineers really like the sound because they say they don't have to do much their end as it sound so good anyway. Today the sound engineer came up to me and said the mic is producing a lot of bass, is there any way of turning the bass frequency down. I was quite surprised at this as Ive never had it before. Anyway obviously it couldn't be done as it was going direct to them. 5 minutes later the engineer came up to me and apologised that the much enhanced bass response was an error on his part on the desk and that the sound of the mic was Great! Occasionally they do come up on here second hand which would be good. But if you do buy one full price they are an excellent piece of kit even at those prices. Good luck with it all.