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  1. Chiming in for provenance: 'twas me who passed on this bass to soggs on this here forum. One of the few custom Kubicki in Europe, if any other. Should have kept it (well, you know how it is). Hen's teeth indeed.
  2. In between the Signature and the Basic model, the Classics were the best. IMHO
  3. Keeping the Acacia. Basschat swarm intelligence has decided. Thank y'all
  4. Only the Acacia is left: for the sake of getting this done, Halloween claerout call. Did I mention the Lane Poors?
  5. Now that only two are left, this thread will be retired soon. If you've been toying with the idea of snapping up the Hanewinckel or the Acacia, this may be your chance.
  6. Sold my Tobias to Giovanni. Straight communication, fast decision. A pleasure to deal with Giovanni. Thank you!
  7. Sold my CB to Victor - a pleasurable experience. Great communication, no-fuzz deal, fast payment. Vic, thank you very much. Claas
  8. Just sold my Clover to Geert - Great transaction, superb communication, fast action. Thank you very much!
  9. Having a family shifts priorities for spending time and money. That said, some of my basses have to go; by taking your pick, you'll tell me which to keep. On the block Acacia Custom, this I'll keep Clover Slapper, £ 900 gone Hanewinckel Custom, £ 900 sold Jerzy Drozd Excellency IV, £ 2000 sold Tobias Classic pre-Gibson, £ 2000 sold Overwater Progress III Deluxe fretless, £ 1200 gone Cliff Bordwell D-Bass, £ 1200 sold All instruments are in great condition - well, the odd miniscule ding, superficial scratches - and necks are slim and adjustable for very low action, which I'm partial to. All the basses have been with me for a minimum of 10 years and have lovingly been looked after (and, though not as often as they deserve, even played). Time for new strings on some. Price includes basic GLS shipping to your doorstep, provided the address is within the European Union. Anywhere else, or any other shipping services, lets talk. For those that count their coins in €, please assume 115% of the £ price. Since I know how risky it is to buy a bass unseen, unheard, unfelt, I'll accept returns within 3 days of delivery. Full refund minus shipping costs, given undamaged/untampered condition. Easy to offer, they're keepers. Not looking for trades please, as it wouldn't quite answer the purpose.
  10. Winter bump. Edit: come to think of it, anniversary bump.
  11. Thinking about taking advantage of a no-fee ebay special on sunday. Would prefer to deal here though.
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