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  1. On 01/07/2020 at 18:40, Dan Dare said:

    What also puts me off so-called signature models is that they are the same as standard models, but with an inflated price tag and a few badges, etc.

    It is quite good to see one of the rare signature models that isn't like this. Some go wild. The ESP Ben Weinman is one that springs to mind. Different pickups, Evertune bridge, option of an internal wireless system, and it might have even been a shape he created if my memory serves me correctly.

    The other one being the PRS SE Zach Myers, because for a while you couldn't get a PRS hollowbody for under 2 grand other than that.

  2. 1 hour ago, T-Bay said:

    Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder how well they would last?

    Not blocks but i put some stickers on the fretboard of my Ibanez atleast 10 years ago and they're still there, so probably quite well i should think.

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  3. On 25/05/2020 at 12:25, mcnach said:


    I've got a PRS SE Custom 24 and I can't speak highly of it enough. I love the pickups, the finish, everything. I've never been a big fan of coil taps on humbuckers, but on this guitar they sound great. I am mostly a Strat player, I love single coils. The PRS doesn't sound like one, but it has a very nice single-coil kind of sound in addition to the fatter humbuckers. Ergonomically, it's miles better than any Les Paul style.

    Go get it! :)

    This is mine:




    That colour is incredible. That's one thing PRS seem to do better than most these days.

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  4. On 02/03/2020 at 19:42, BassApprentice said:

    As a very guilty pleasure I went to see McBusted (I grew up in the 90s/early 2000s) and the bass player there used a Sterling with LEDs. Very cool 😎 

    Dougie Poynter is one of only people i can think of who uses a Sterling. Pretty much all of his are in flake finishes with LED's.

  5. 01 Ever played a gig sitting down? Yes, a few acoustic gigs.

    02 Ever gigged on a different instrument? Yes, acoustic guitar a few times

    03 Ever shared a stage with a musical hero of yours? Not that i can remember

    04 Any fan ever had a tatoo of your band's logo? None that i've ever seen

    05 Ever signed an autograph in a dressing room? Not in a dressing room. We were rarely that lucky,

    06 Ever cried on stage? Not that i remember

    07 Ever worn a hat on stage? Pretty sure i have yes. If i was gigging now i'd proably wear a cowboy hat for sh*ts and giggles.

    08 Ever gigged with a band you hadn't met before the gig? Nope

    09 Ever been in a relationship with a fellow band member? Nope, though was in a band with an ex for a short spell.

    10 Ever played in different bands on the same day? Nope

    11 Ever had anything thrown at you while playing? Yes, and been booed offstage by some lets just say older, snobbier musicians.

    12 Ever crashed on the way to the gig? Not that i remember, unless you count the endless times i caught my bass on a doorframe

    13 Ever left a band over the choice of set list? Nope

    14 Ever slept in the venue despite it not being a hotel? Not intentionally. Might've had a quick snooze every now and then

    15 Ever been supported by a band clearly better than you? Not a band, but a solo artist who's now on the road to being fairly big

    16 Ever played a gig suffering from some debilitating medical condition? Yes. Food poisoning from an earlier burger. Got home and spent the next 4 hours sat next to the loo

    17 Ever been in a band where the guitarist was your favourite bandmate? Has anyone?

    18 Ever played in the grounds of a stately home? Nope

    19 Ever injured yourself on stage? Yes. Sat on the edge of the stage, tried to jump up onto the stage from where i was, caught my ankles, fell backwards into a crash cymbal and smacked my head. Never dropped a note though.

    20 Ever been told that your bass isn't loud enough? A few times.

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  6. On 18/03/2020 at 18:22, Al Krow said:

    Trying to avoid incessant "junk" email from every organisation I've ever been in contact with during my career sending me details of how they are dealing with CV... 😁

    I've been getting hundreds of these on my work accounts from companies i've never even heard of and most certainly haven't signed up to emails from.

  7. I use them on everything. I once killed a set of ernie balls in 30 minutes and haven't used anything but Elixir since. I will admit they don't sound the best on electric guitar but after 7 or 8 years of only using them i can't stand the feel of anything uncoated. Tried a set of D'Addario EXL on my electric and they lasted as long as it took Amazon to deliver another set of Elixirs.

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  8. On 27/06/2019 at 15:42, Muzz said:

    Does anyone know if there's a stockist in the North West for Elixirs, by any chance?

    PMT in Salford seemed to have a fairly substantial range when i was in there last weekend. I think Symphony in Wigan also does.

  9. 7 hours ago, EBS_freak said:

    Oh jeez, were they the last batch of the "imports" ? So what's your move now? 

    I ordered some KS10's the other day just to use in the meantime so i'll give those a good test tomorrow.

    6 hours ago, intime-nick said:

    I've got a pair of UE900s that i no longer use if you're interested ?

    Thanks, i'll drop you a PM later.

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